Does Nomad Travelling Strengthen Or Weaken A Marriage?

A person who has traveled with his/her partner for a long period of time knows that the marriage or the relationship can be tested throughout the whole journey. And with a baby, it can be more difficult. It becomes a family nomad traveling then.

Nomad traveling means traveling from one place to another continuously. There are many kinds of nomad travelers. Some of them travel for their work, and some have no reason to travel or just for fun. So, there is no exact definition of a nomadic traveler.

Nomad travel can provide you with a life full of freedom and unlimited fun. You can live your life to the fullest and enjoy the time with your partner. But there are so many ups and downs when you are traveling nomadically as a couple.

So the question can arise, “is traveling like a nomad strengthens or weakens a marriage?”

The answer to your question is difficult. When you are balancing your life properly then traveling and exploring the world together is special. But when the situation is not in your hand you might want to go back to your normal life and quit everything. But before you do so, we are here to help. We have gathered some effective tips for traveling the world as a happy couple.

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Give Yourself And Your Partner Own Space

Your Partner Own Space

Traveling together 24/7 and sticking together all time can be really boring and suffocating sometimes. So, sometimes enjoy your time solely. Share your feelings with your partner and select different destinations for your time for the day. Experience different things alone and then gather your words to share them with your partner.

That is how your communication between you will not be boring anymore. And obviously, you will get your chance to miss your partner. It is important in love, right?

Note Down Your Destinations Individually

Making a destination plan for both can be very difficult. As you are a different person, you have different likings, priorities, and different plans. It is very common for you that you won’t want to go to every place that your partner wants to go. So it can be clashing.

You don’t have to make a list for both of you. Just make it for yourself. An individual destination list will allow you to find time and space for your own. You and your partner should visit every place that you want to visit. Yes, you can visit solely.

But what to do about different countries? You might want to go to Thailand but your partner is interested in Malaysia. Surely, you won’t be able to afford both. Then what to do?

Simple, now all you need to do is compromise. Leave it to your luck. Flip a coin and see what is waiting for you.

Book A Babysitter for Your Child

Babysitter for Your Child

When you guys are visiting some places that can be inappropriate for your child, leave him/her to a babysitter. But where can you get a babysitter who is trustworthy enough? No worries, many hotels offer professional babysitters.

Babysitting is their job, so even if it can not vanish all of your concerns but still you can leave your baby to a babysitter.

Get To Know More People

Get to Know more People

When you are traveling to some places, there are a lot of opportunities to meet new people, fellow travelers, locals, etc. Take the chance. Meet new people and communicate with them. It will improve your socializing skill as well as you can spend an amazing time with a new couple or family.

Traveling in a new country always has a language barrier. So it is difficult to communicate with people properly. It can make you feel isolated and alone. You will be more dependent on your partner to keep you company.

Even for this, socializing is important. You should not be more dependent on your partner to just keep you company. So, socialize with your fellow travelers and give yourself an amazing time with new people.

Enjoy Boundlessly Once In A While

Enjoy Boundlessly Once-In-A-While

While traveling it is common for you to be concerned about your wallet. We know that it is important to continue your dream. But still, it is also necessary sometimes to enjoy boundlessly and treat each other. So, sometimes do not think about money much, do enjoy it infinitely.

For that, you should spoil each other often. You already know that nothing comes first than pleasant.

Additional Tips For Starting Nomad Travel

Now, you know what is important for starting a nomadic life. We have gathered some effective tips that you might take into your consideration.

Additional Tips For Starting Nomad
  • In the beginning, go for a short tour. Consider it as training for your nomadic life.
  • Get yourself a good job. For traveling the world you need money.
  • If you work abroad then obviously get insurance for your business.
  • You need to learn to live with a suitcase. Remember, you will not have many resources to live on. You will not be able to carry all of them.
  • Constant travel may cause ultimate stress mentally and also physically. So you can stay in place for 4-5 months, even more, to rest a bit.
  • You are traveling as well as working. Find a proper schedule that balances your love life, your own life, and work perfectly.

Best Countries For Nomad Traveling As A Couple

Nomad travelers love to explore the world. But which country should you start with? You can start with your own country and then can go outside. Which country you’ll choose depends on your priorities and what you and your partner want to explore.

But there are some countries, which are friendly enough for living 5-6 months easily. Here is the list:

  • Spain: the street view of Madrid and Barcelona will obviously amaze you every day. Spain is a beautiful country with good people, a great place to live.
  • Thailand: Thailand is well-known around the world for its beautiful landscapes and very friendly people. You should not miss the chance to go to Thailand.
  • Indonesia: Here comes Indonesia, which is known for Volcanoes. Want to explore?
  • Hungary: Hungary is full of tradition and consists of rich cuisine. Living in Hungary as a nomad traveler can bring joyous moments to you.
  • Germany: Germany is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. And full of beautiful places that you can explore.
  • Malaysia: Malaysia is a peaceful country with its cultural charms and stunning coastal areas. Your days in Malaysia will be amazing as a nomad traveler.

You can also choose Vietnam, the United States, and Mexico. Hope, these countries will help you to boost your amazing experiences and love life as a couple nomad traveler.


Thank you for your patience. Now, you know how to start a nomadic life with your spouse and whether you are able to lead it or not. Then what are you waiting for? Go get your backpack and get away!

Hope you will be able to explore the world with your spouse and fill your world with love. Happy nomad traveling!

Chris Appleford is a Nomadic Traveler. He goes to different parts of the country and tries to share his experiences with others. Also, he assists people in selecting hotels to stay in, things to do in selected areas, and expressing arts and culture.