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Hello people! I am Chris Appleford, a part-time Creative director, and a full-time traveller who loves to spend his days in hotels from different parts of the world. Since my childhood, I’ve always been very keen when it comes to swimming, I love spending some relaxing time by the pool. In fact, swimming and hanging out by the pool have turned out to be my favorite leisure. Well, combining two of these favorite hobbies of mine, travelling, and swimming, is where it all began.

Chris Appleford
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As I started staying in more and more hotels around the world, I thought to myself the hotels where I can get pools, hot tubs, Yoga, Sauna, beachfront, or even Jacuzzis with comfortable accommodation, would always get a higher rating from me. I love the way a hot bath can soothe your mind and body after a hectic week when you look for loosening yourself a bit.

That’s when it struck me how most people love this too. However, they are struggling to find cozy hotels with such facilities in different parts of the country or even the world. And since, I know a thing or two about such hotels, and have even taken service from these in person, why not create a website listing such hotels?

Although initially the idea seemed to be a little too unique and quite up the pole, gradually it all made sense and was pretty exciting to work on. Not only am I staying in such hotels with a hot bath, and enjoying myself but I’m also helping others to track such accommodation facilities to get some mental tranquility on the weekends as well.

Not only do many people seek such hotels with Jacuzzi, and hot tubs for relaxation, but also these accommodation facilities give a romantic vibe as well. And now as it seems that people love it, listing such hotels with a nice bath facility has become nothing less than an obsession for me.

Besides the searching and listing, I love to get feedback from people that allow me to get an in-depth review of these hotels. Getting more information from you about the accommodations, I get to add them on my site and improvise the visitor experience here. So, if you have ever been to any of the hotels on this site, do remember to give me a heads up on it, and share your experience with us. I would truly appreciate it because the reviews and feedbacks are what make the website complete.

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