Train Travel Experience in India – How Exciting Can It Be?

Train travel in India can be amazing. Unlike many other journeys, a train runs pretty much on schedule. You’ll always be booked into your berth without any issues. But the train travel also has some problems. Crime can happen during train journeys.

Still, the train journey is more comfortable than any other journey. Are you interested? Want to know more?

This article will cover every detail of travelling by train and share the train travel experience in India so that you can decide whether you want to experience it.

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How to Get Your Train Tickets?

You can get your train tickets through a trustworthy agent who will work on your behalf. You can use an agency in London called SD Enterprises to sort out your tickets. Their contact email is [email protected]; you can contact them by this email.

You should first fire off an email introducing yourself, explaining where you want to visit, how long you will be able to visit, and the general direction you think you should go and you must ask for their advice regarding your plan.

They will return to you within 24 hours with an itinerary that they think will be best for you. They will also recommend to you the time you should spend at a place to visit. If you think you should follow their recommendation, confirm your ticket by communicating with them properly.

The process is so easy. You just have to communicate with them and they will make it ready for you. But the agency does not warn you about any potential scam or crime. They just basically do their job.

So, here is the warning from us, be mentally prepared to face scams, and do not just believe anyone. If anyone says your train has been cancelled, do not believe that. It is a scam. Believe in the schedule. If you need confirmation, seek help from an official railway station employee.

Beginning of The Train Travel Experience

After arriving in Delhi, India, your India tour starts here. Your train travelling route can be different, and your preferred destination can be different also. But for your better understanding, we will explain a random guideline during a 15-day stay in India.

NEW DELHI to AGRA (194 km, 3 Hours 40 Minutes)

The first train travel experience in India starts with the short journey to Agra. After visiting Delhi, the next place you should visit in Agra.

Please arrive at your station 30-45 minutes before your departure. Find your train and settle into your seats.

Before settling in, you may also buy some dry foods and drinks, as well as the train food sucks. After the departure, the attendants will serve tea and snacks to everyone. It is good if you like it but the train food does not taste well most of the time. That is why you should buy your food.

There is also a third-party company that provides food called Meals on Wheels. You can also get food from them.

After 3 hours and 45 minutes of the journey, you will get off at Agra Cantt Railway Station. On the way to your hotel, take a taxi. Do not ask for an AC taxi. An AC taxi costs more than a non-AC.

Once in a taxi, the driver will put the AC on anyway because it is so hot in this region, and they will not want to drive and sweat. If they still don’t turn the AC on, then just wind down the windows.

If any guide appears in the taxi even without letting you know, decline their offer no matter what. Do not hire a guide and taxi for your whole stay. They will claim more, so avoid them.

AGRA to UDAIPUR (675 km, 13 Hours 5 Minutes)

Once you are done with your visiting Agra the next waiting station can be Udaipur. Unlike Delhi to Agra, you have to travel a long time to visit Udaipur. The distance between Agra and Udaipur is 675 km. You have to travel for more than 13 hours.

After finding your train, make your way to the bed. You will have enough space for your luggage and any other belongings. You may find the mattress a bit hard and not spacious enough. So be mentally prepared for that.

If you forget to take food with you then obviously keep an eye on the food sellers. They will not be very available on the train journey from Delhi to Udaipur.

Before buying water from the train, seal the cap properly. Most of the time, the sellers collect the used bottles, fill them with normal water, and resell them.

You will not feel the stress of a long journey if you have a good night’s sleep. And Udaipur is going to be a better place to stay, unlike Delhi and Agra.

UDAIPUR to JAIPUR (435 Km, 7 Hours 40 Minutes)

Definitely, you will not miss the chance to visit Jaipur while travelling in India. The distance between Udaipur and Jaipur is 435 km. Not a short distance so do not forget to take snacks and lunch/dinner with you.

After a couple of hours of running, the train will stop for 10 minutes to load passengers from the particular station. This is also your chance to make a way to the food. You will find various stores.

Most trains from Udaipur do not offer a free meal, even a meal you can buy. The trail will stop for 10 minutes after some hours and you have to buy food from the stores.

Normally the stores are so busy with people, so don’t wait for your turn. That will not work. You have to make your turn on your own.

While travelling by train don’t miss sightseeing through the window. You will be able to experience amazing sightseeing of beautiful terrain and forests as well as the local culture of India.

JAIPUR to JAISALMER (613 Km, 11 Hours 13 Minutes)

After Jaipur the next possible great station is Jaisalmer. Another long journey of 11 hours along the way. Obviously, arrive 30-45 minutes before your departure time.

Get the right train, yes right train. Because here, you can find two carriages on the same train named the same.

So you have to find out which one is yours. Even if it sounds crazy, that is the way there. For help, you can contact the official employees.

The train from Jaipur to Jaisalmer normally provides food. Still carry your own food. Have a good night’s sleep and you will find out the journey is very short.

Now it is time to enjoy Jaisalmer.

JAISALMER to JODHPUR (301 Km, 5 Hours 30 Minutes)

Jaisalmer is the end of the line, so you will find your train waiting for you. It is not a very long journey so the train will not stop at many major stations. So before getting on the train, pack your snacks.

Train from Jaisalmer also provides food, snacks, and tea. You can also buy from them. This short journey will be an uneventful journey. There is nothing to mention specially.

But be aware of the spam. Shrewd people think it is easier to spam foreigners because they are unfamiliar with the issues. Don’t give them a chance.

JODHPUR to Delhi (620 Km, 10 Hours 5 Minutes)

It will be the final train trip if you follow the suggested route. And the distance is huge between Jodhpur and Delhi.

Enjoy your final train travel with sightseeing. As it is a 10 hours journey, you will need the bed seats. With a night of good sleep, it is also a short journey.

Be aware of your belongings while sleeping. Keep them in a safe place and keep important documents and money with you.

Most of the crimes take place on the train to Delhi. This does not mean the other routes are very safe, but it is most unstable.

Regardless of this, the train journey is very comfortable. Free from any annoying traffic in India. As you have already visited Delhi before, you may go to the airport this time. With this, your train travel experience in India will end.


Overall, your train travel experience in India will be amazing. Regardless of some issues, it is excellent and comfortable.

Moreover, only the train travelling will provide you with the amazing sightseeing of India. India is a huge country to visit within 15 days. Still, travelling by train may give you the chance to experience a great portion of it.

Hope, this article helped you with various tips and helpful information. And now you know what to do if you plan to travel to India by train.

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