13 Hotel with Private Pool in Room New Jersey

After so long, you finally have some spare time to go for a weeklong vacation in the US away from monotonous everyday life. And if New Jersey is your choice, you are on the right track, my friend.

The city is fun and bright; once you step in, consider your dullness gone! But to make it relaxing, you need a suite with a private pool facility to destress yourself. I’m sure you have already planned what places to go to and what parks to enjoy in the city, but what about the accommodation? And there’s not much time left either!

Don’t worry, leave it to me! After days of research and comparing with many hotels in the city, I’ve come up with a great list of hotels with private pools in room New Jersey. And the best part is, there are several varieties for different needs of different people. So, I’m quite sure this article won’t make you leave empty-handed!

But first, let’s add some places to your list of must-go in New Jersey.

Exciting Places to Visit in New Jersey

Although the city may be as small as only 14,000 sq. miles and recognized as the 4th smallest state in the USA, it will surely amaze you when it comes to tourist spots and attractions. New Jersey will surely give you a great time, from the coastal Broadwalk, awe-strucking Victorian architecture to fascinating walkways and parks.

When talking about tourist attractions of the city, Atlantic City Broadway surely tops the list. Apart from the beautiful shore, there is the iconic carnival-style amusement park, Steel Pier, which gives rides with breathtaking city views.

Located in the southernmost part of New Jersey, the Old Victorian May is worth a shot as a stylish and pompous resort town.

Home to the famous Statue of Liberty, Liberty State Park, with 1,212 waterside acres, offers a great sightseeing opportunity for tourists.

With the diversity of land and animals, the Island Beach State Park is another top-tier tourist attraction covering an area of 2,000 acres.

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, located on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, includes a river, waterfall, historic site of a 19th-century community, hiking tracks and so on.

Other historical and amusing sites include the Princeton Battlefield State Park, the Battleship New Jersey, the Adventure Aquarium, the Cape May Country Park & Zoo, and much more waiting to be explored.

13 Hotels with Indoor Pools in New Jersey

Whether it’s a business trip to the city for you, a romantic getaway, or a couple of days of family fun, this list of top-tier hotels with Private Pool in NJ covers almost all your needs. Just take a look!

1. Inn of the Dove Cherry Hill- Philadelphia

If lavishness with affordability is your consideration for the ideal hotel accommodation, the Inn of the Dove Cherry Hill might be one of the finest options in New Jersey.

Inn of the Dove Cherry Hill- Philadelphia


It is located only 8.5 km from Camden in New Jersey. As the name says, it is adjacent to Dove Cherry Hill, too; only a 7-minute walk to get you there! The closest airport is the Philadelphia International Airport which is only 17.2 km from the place.

Nearby Attractions

You can spot some of the top New Jersey attractions only within a 15 km radius of the hotel. The Adventure Aquarium, the Battleship New Jersey, the Mummers Museum, Liberty Bell, and Philadelphia Zoo are all nearby!

Necessary Amenities

To enjoy your comfortable stay in the Inn, it offers you all the necessary amenities such as free high-speed WiFi, a beverage place and vending machines to quench your thirst, air-conditioned rooms, non-smoking rooms and a smoking area needed. You get all this along with the high-class interior decoration.

Relaxation Time!

After a hectic day of touring, you might need more than a bed to relax, so they offer a hot tub/ jacuzzi and fireplaces in each room.

Recommended for:

The hotel is more likely for guests with a strict budget but is also close to the city’s top attractions.

2. Wildwood Inn

If classy yet sophisticated has a name for a hotel, it is surely the Wildwood Inn.

Wildwood Inn


Located only a minute from Wildwood Beach and a few minutes from the Wildwood Broadwalk, Wildwood Inn is a 3-star hotel to ensure your comfort. The Atlantic City International Airport is about 56 km from the hotel.

Places to Visit Nearby

Whether it’s a natural scenic beauty, an amusement park, or a historical place, you can find them within a 10km radius of the hotel. The most popular attractions are Morey’s Piers, Splash Zone Water Park, the Historic Cold Spring Village, the Colonial House and the Atlantic Ocean!

Hotel Facilities

The hotel provides you with all the basic amenities in and out of your suite, such as free WiFi, secured parking, air-conditioned rooms, non-smoking rooms, a flat-screen TV and so on.

Fun Time!

Besides the boring-old amenities, the place also promises a fun time with your loved ones with BBQ facilities, a terrace to enjoy coffee with a company, a beach area, pool tables, and a Waterpark.

Top-tier Relaxation

To drown your stress, you can swim in the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool or relax in the beach chairs while sunbathing.

Recommended for:

It’s a great place to have fun, relax, or go on a whole day tour of the city, perfect for couple’s getaway or family trips!

3. Binns Motor Inn

Do you wish to stay in a hotel for a family trip beside an amusement park? Well, the Binns Motor Inn is there to fulfil your wish!

Binns Motor Inn


Only 5 minutes walk from the Wildwood Broadwalk; the Inn is located adjacent to the Splash Zone Water Park and other cool city attractions. The Atlantic City International Airport is 56 miles from the hotel.

Nearby Attractions

Don’t be amazed when I say within a 10 km distance of the Inn you’ll find almost all the greatest tourist spots in the city. The George F. Boyer Historical Museum, the Wildwood Beach, the Cape Island Marina, the Cape May County Park Zoo, it’s all there!

Hotel Amenities

For maximum comfort, the Inn offers a homely ambiance with a comfy bed, a private bathroom with a shower, a TV to watch your favorite movies, and so on. And as for the hotel facilities, there’s high-speed internet, complimentary coffee, free private parking, and a pet allowance on request.

Fun Activities

If you don’t feel like roaming out in the sun, the house offers a fun time with mini golf, water sports activities, BBQ facilities, and water splashing in the adjacent water park!


To let go of your stress, you may dip in their outdoor swimming pool or rest in the beach chairs while enjoying the morning sun.

Recommended for:

If looking for an affordable inn near the Wildwood Broadwalk for a couple’s trip, this place is great!

4. Cape Harbor Motor Inn

With elegant decor and closeness to the city’s top attractions, Cape Harbor Motor Inn offers you a memorable stay close to the beach.

Cape Harbor Motor Inn


The 3-star Inn is located at 715 Pittsburgh Avenue in Cape May, only a 7-minutes walk from the Cape May Public Beach. The closest Atlantic City International Airport is about 64.1 km from the hotel.

Tourist Spots Nearby

If you are wearing your enthusiastic tourist shoes, the hotel is supposedly the best accommodation for you. The Emlen Physical Estate, the Colonial House, Cape May Lighthouse, Cape May Bird Observatory, the Atlantic Ocean, and Morey’s Piers all top-tier tourist spots are within a 10 km distance from the Inn.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel offers a comfy stay with a great view, adequate facilities, and utmost cleanliness. High-speed internet, free parking, daily housekeeping, air-conditioned rooms, TV, and a private bathroom with a shower all come with the hotel accommodation.

Stress Releasing

The outdoor swimming pool and beach loungers for sunbathing work like magic to release the negative vibes from a stressful life.

Recommended for:

It is highly recommended if you are a tourism enthusiast; all you need is a good place to stay at night and relax.

5. Harris House by the Beach

The Harris House blends nature and modern amenities with state-of-an-art decor and sophisticated ambience.

Harris House by the Beach


The 3-star hotel vacation house is located on Ocean Avenue, only a minute’s walk from Peck Beach. Besides, the Atlantic City International Airport is only 20 km from the hotel.

Nearby Attractions

Apart from being right beside the Atlantic Ocean and 2 different beach areas, the property is close to fun tourist spots. The Playland’s Castaway Cove, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Chelsea Harbor, Sandcastle Baseball Stadium, and IMAX theatre are all within 15 km of the hotel.

Hotel Amenities

To enjoy a comfortable stay beside the beach, the property offers free parking, WiFi, daily housekeeping, outdoor furniture for maybe a little evening chit-chat, air-conditioned rooms, TV, mini-refrigerator etc. It also provides wheelchair access and facilities for disabled guests.

Fun and Destressing

There’s a beach right outside for fun and stress relief, an outdoor heated pool, beach loungers for relaxation under the sun, and so on.

Recommended for:

If you want to stay near the airport and the beach, this might be the closest hotel with great amenities.

6. The Jolly Roger Motel

Are you looking for luxury in the lively city of New Jersey? The Jolly Roger Motel, with its elegant and awe-struck decor and amenities, offers more than that!

The Jolly Roger Motel

Easy Accessibility

The 4-star motel is located on Atlantic Avenue in Wildwood, only a minute from Wildwood Crest Beach. The Atlantic City International Airport is the closest, 58.5 km from the property.

Close-by Attractions

Although the property is a bit isolated from the city centre, it surely is close to the popular spots. The Wildwood Broadwalk, the George F. Boyer Historical Museum, Splash Zone Water Park, Cape May Golf Club, and the Atlantic Ocean are within an 8 km radius of the place.

Ecstatic Amenities

The list of amenities the hotel offers doesn’t know an end! Starting from the basic WiFi, free parking, housekeeping, concierge service, pet services, flat-screen TV, seating spot, and a balcony with a breathtaking view, it offers everything.

Multiple Leisure Opportunities

Now to move on to the leisure opportunities; if a picnic spot with BBQ facilities, sun deck and outdoor furniture do not suffice, there’s more! The hotel offers movie nights, water sports, mini golf, a children’s playground, a tennis court, and more to explore all on the site.

Unwinding Options

For unwinding yourself, the one adult heated pool and one pool for the kids may suffice the needs of everybody. If it doesn’t, maybe an hour or two in the spa will!

Recommended for:

It is highly recommended for couples with kids, offering different leisure activities and relaxation.

7. Sea Kist Motel

With the 90s setup and modern facilities, the Sea Kist Motel is a great place with no lackings of comfort.

Sea Kist Motel


Located in Ocean Avenue of Wildwood, only a minute away from the Wildwood Broadwalk, Sea Kist is a deserving 3-star motel. The closest airport is about 8 km from the property.

Places to Visit Nearby

Whether it’s the Broadwalk, the Historical Museum of George F. Boyer, the Colonial House, the Water Park, Cape May Zoo, or 5 different beach spots, it’s all close!

Hotel Amenities

Regarding facilities provided by the place, the high-speed internet, secured parking, daily housekeeping, air-conditioned rooms, a cable TV in the room, coffee maker, and a bath seems sufficient.

Outdoor Activities and Destressing

The motel offers a patio with outdoor furniture, a picnic zone, a sun deck, terrace and BBQ facilities to enjoy the scenic view from the motel. The seasonal outdoor pool and beach area will help you if you want to take a break from everything.

Recommended for:

It is beautiful if you are a fan of the 90s culture with beaches nearby.

8. Ala Moana Motel & Suites

The Ala Moana Motel & Suites is an exceptional property with a highly maintained and tidied-up hotel environment.

Ala Moana Motel & Suites


It is conveniently located on Atlantic Avenue of Wildwood. Not only is it right beside Wildwood beach, but it’s also close to several tourist spots. The Atlantic International Airport is about 57.4 km from the motel.

Nearby Attractions

Spending your vacation in New Jersey but not enjoying the beach view from the hotel must be a bummer. And so this property has 5 beach areas close by. The Wildwood Broadwalk, Morey’s Piers, Cape Island Marina, Cape May Historical Museum, etc., are within a 12 km distance from here.

Hotel Amenities

Not only does the hotel offer a sophisticated ambiance but also all the necessary amenities. Free parking and WiFi, daily housekeeping, picnic area, terrace, BBQ facilities, and board games for fun it’s all there.


To relax through the day, the rooms are air-conditioned. There is an outdoor heated pool, private balcony, and a beautiful pool view, all for you!

Recommended for:

It is the ideal place beside the beach and ocean, whether alone, with your family, kids, or loved one.

9. Brittany Motel

Brittany Motel is a 3-star property with a clean and pretty environment assuring utmost comfort.

Brittany Motel

Excellent Location

Only a 4-minute walk from the Wildwood beach will take you to the Brittany Motel on Atlantic Avenue. The closest is the Atlantic City International Airport, only 56 km from the property.

Top Attractions Nearby

There are tons of amazing tourist spots nearby and top-rated cafes serving hot relishes. The Splash Zone Water Park, Emlen Physical Estate, Cape May Country Park Zoo, and many more to explore are within a 13 km radius.

Basic Amenities

Assuring maximum comfort, the motel offers 24-hour front desk service, free parking, WiFi, family rooms, concierge, smoke-free property, sofa bed, TV, and more. Paired with all these facilities is a simple warm decor.

Fun Time!

If you are looking for an in-house fun time, a few hours on the beach, water sports, game room, golf course, picnic area, or sun deck seems quite promising.

Unwinding Session

To unravel your inner peace, the unwinding session at the outdoor heated pool, outdoor patio, or sunbathing works just fine.

Recommended for:

Highly recommended for couples with kids or not allowing quality time.

10. Broadwalk Beach Inn

The Broadwalk Beach Inn comes with an inviting, homely environment that pulls you in!

Broadwalk Beach Inn


Located on Broadway at Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey, the Inn is a 3-star property loved by guests! John F. Kennedy International Airport is about 65 km from the hotel.

Attractions Close-by

Among nearby spots to pay a visit, the Jenkinson’s Broadwalk, Belmar Beach, Manasquan River, Casino Pier, Seaside Heights Broadwalk, etc., seem quite worthy.

Hotel Amenities

The hotel provides all the amenities you may need to ensure a fine stay for a memorable vacation. From air-conditioned rooms, balcony, private bath, TV, and kitchen, to free WiFi, parking, and housekeeping, it’s all there.

Leisure and Comfort

The property offers the best time with a dedicated picnic zone, BBQ facilities, private beach, sundeck, mini golf, etc. If you get tired from all the running and walking, maybe the outdoor swimming pool can be a good solution.

Recommended for:

It seems highly suited for you if beaches are your prime consideration.

11. The Forum

The Forum is precisely what you need if your heart asks for almost royal treatment in a beachside hotel!

The Forum


The 3-star grand and elegant hotel is located on the Avenue of Ocean City. Being only 100 m from Ocean City Beach, it has a top-ranked location given by the guests. The closest airport is only 20 km from the place.

Places to Go

All the versatile spots for spending quality and fun family time are close to the place. The Playland’s Castaway Cove, the Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Chelsea Harbor, Ripley’s Museum, Atlantic City Aquarium, and 5 different beaches are nearby.

Hotel Facilities

Excellent hotel facilities like high-speed internet, free parking, room service, non-smoking rooms, air-conditioning, and family rooms are available. The in-room facilities like a balcony, pool view, private bath, etc., are great additions.

Excellent Leisure Opportunities

The picnic zone, sundeck, game room, indoor play zone, and relaxing heated pools are all there for enjoying good leisure. The kids shouldn’t miss out either, and so the kids’ club and outdoor pool for the kids are fantastic amenities as well.

Recommended for:

The hotel is ideal for roaming around the city’s top-rated attractions with your beloved and kids.

12. Calypso Boutique Hotel

Are you searching for a vintage hotel by the beach with 90s decor? The Calypso Boutique Hotel will serve you just right.

Calypso Boutique Hotel


It is located on the Spicer Avenue of Wildwood, only a 3-minute walk away from Wildwood Beach. The Atlantic City International Airport is the closest, 56 km from the place.

Nearby Attractions

Whether you want to explore the history of New Jersey or have fun at the amusement parks, you’ve got tons of scopes to do it nearby. Close by are the George F Boyer Historical Museum, Morey’s Piers, Splash Zone Water Park, Cape May Zoo and Museum, the Colonial House etc.

Good Amenities

The hotels offer all the basic amenities and more such as free internet, free parking, daily housekeeping, air-conditioned rooms, kitchenette rooms, sofa bed, and so on.

Excellent Leisure and Unwinding

To spend a good leisure time, they offer BBQ facilities, a mini golf area, live performances, a tennis court, movie nights, etc. After a day of roaming around, you can relax in the outdoor swimming pool or beach loungers.

Recommended for:

It is a great place for families, couples, or a friend’s gang within budget with vintage qualities.

13. The Heritage Inn

If grand and charming had a look for a hotel, the Heritage Inn is that!

The Heritage Inn

Convenient Location

Located on the Beach Avenue of Cape May, the 4-star hotel is only a minute away from Cape May Beach. Although the hotel is distant from the city centre, it has several tourist spots nearby. The closest airport is 66 km from the place.

Places to Visit Nearby

Within a 10 km radius, you can visit the Emlen Physical Estate, Cape May Lighthouse, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May Golf Club, Morey’s Piers, the Center City for Ski lifts, and the Atlantic Ocean itself.

Basic Amenities

Apart from the charming decor and tidied rooms, the hotel offers all the basic amenities. Free parking, high-speed internet, daily housekeeping, smoke-free property, flat-screen TV in the room, seating, kitchenette, and an exquisite ocean view, etc., you’ll get once you book a room.

Leisure and Relaxation

For leisure, you can choose to sunbathe at the sun terrace or beachfront, go on walking tours, beach, play mini golf, etc. And the outdoor swimming pool is fantastic for destressing.

Recommended for:

If you are up for a charming place right by the ocean, this hotel is the best for families or even couple trips.


What are some of the top private pool hotels in New Jersey in budget?

The Inn of Dove Cherry Hill, the Harris Houde by the Beach, the Jolly Roger Motel, the Forum, the Heritage Inn etc. are some of the nicest in-budget hotels with private pool in New Jersey.

What are some of the finest romantic hotels in NJ with pool in room nearby the Atlantic Ocean?

Among the top pool suites inn NJ nearby the Atlantic Ocean, there are the Wildwood Inn, Harris House, the Jolly Roger Motel, the Heritage Inn, etc.

How much does it cost to stay at a hotel in New Jersey with private pool?

It takes around $150-$300 to stay at a hotel in New Jersey with a private pool.

Final Verdict

I’m pretty sure, by now, you’ve already decided in what sort of hotel you want to spend some memorable vacation. Some of you may have already found the desired accommodation you want to make memories in.

And if you still are unsure, maybe you can peek again at the list of the amazing hotels with private pools in New Jersey given above and check if you’ve missed something. Once you find it, pack your bags and off you fly to the bright city of New Jersey with your special one. And hey, don’t forget to make a booking!

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