Discovering Chiang Mai Street Art

The arts on the streets of Chiang Mai are very compelling and a must-visit thing to do while you are visiting there. But it’s a vast city, and those arts are not on every corner.

So, where can you find the Chiang Mai street arts?

For watching the street arts, you can visit the dream space gallery, abandoned women’s prison, Tona street art, Jing Jai market, Nimmanhaemin, Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall, and Chiang Mai Old Town.

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Let’s go through this piece to learn more about Chiang Mai street art and where to find them.

Where to Find Street Arts in Chiang Mai?

Looking for places you can visit to see the famous street arts of Chiang Mai? You have come to the right place. We have gathered a list of places you can visit to watch the magnificent street arts of Chiang Mai.

Read below to find out about the places.

Dream Space Gallery in Chiang Mai

The Dream Space Gallery appears large from the outside, yet the enormous chambers within defy appearances. You will see several massive spaces lying beyond the courtyard.

These huge blank canvases are ideal for some of Thailand’s top street artists and international visitors to paint on.

As a result, they have created a massive indoor street art exhibition.

Chiang Mai’s Abandoned Women’s Prison

Many of the art pieces are created by the same group of artists. If you’re a street art enthusiast, you’ll notice it. Mauy, Waris Dump, and Nap, all Chiang Mai painters from the MSV Crew, are names you’ll see on the walls here.

Over the last five years, this group of up-and-coming street artists has risen to prominence, and you may soon see their work all over Chiang Mai, as well as around the world.

Tona Street Art

Tona Street Art

You will notice many little stencil-like figures throughout the city. There will appear to be only a few here and there at first, but you will quickly discover that they are everywhere. The unique style is usually monochrome and depicts a single female or boy or a girl and boy together.

Tona is the name of the artist, and he is from Germany. Tona does paste-up art and stencil work, but usually in the same style. His characters are supposedly inspired by youngsters he encounters while travelling.

Old Town

Even in Chiang Mai’s Old Town, you will not have to look far to see good street art. You’ll see it if you keep your eyes open, though street art is more common in the little streets south of the moat on the city’s north side.


Thanks for coming this far with our article. Hope our article could help you figure out about discovering Chiang Mai street art. Now that you know all the places you can see those street arts, you don’t have to sit around in your hotel room. Just grab your backpack and start your hunt on street art.

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