2 Bedroom Condos in Destin FL Beachfront

You have the time to fly in Destin FL right now, isn’t it? But there is a confusion in choosing a getaway in this city. Keep all confusion out of your mind as I am here. You are about to learn about 10 best 2-bedroom condos in Destin FL beachfront in this post.

2 Bedroom Condos in Destin FL Beachfront

You should not miss the chance to amaze yourself on the sandy beaches or blue waters in Destin. You can find this city on the Emerald Coast of the Gulf of Mexico on the map. Likewise, it is a beautiful destination for those looking for a relaxing getaway.

I suggest you continue reading this post for the top-quality condominiums from where you can take in more exciting things.

Places of Interest in Destin, FL Beachfront

People, especially adventure lovers, know this destination for its white sand beaches, emerald green waters, and pleasant year-round weather. Also, anyone can burst with joy after locating this city for fishing, golfing, shopping, arts, and culture.

Here are some of the popular tourist attractions in Destin:

  • Parks like Driftwood Park, Henderson Beach State Park, Helen McCall Park, and Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park are perfect for roaming and enjoy nature. You can explore the unique wildlife and beautiful scenery in these places.
  • Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park is also great for families. It is sure to provide hours of fun with rides, slides, and pools.
  • Head to the Morgan Sports Complex to enjoy some recreational activities. You can play basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball here.
  • If you are a golf lover, you may visit the Emerald Bay Golf Club or the Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club.
  • Learn about the area’s history and culture by visiting the Destin History and Fishing Museum and Indian Temple Mound and Museum.
  • Miramar Beach, James Lee Park Public Beach, Crystal Sands Beach, Henderson Beach, Destin Beach, and Dune Allen Beach are all great spots for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the ocean.
  • If you want some shopping, dining, and entertainment, you may go to HarborWalk Village. You can find various stores and restaurants and enjoy concerts, fireworks, live music, and performances.
  • Do not forget to take a boat ride along the Emerald Coast to get a closer look at the stunning scenery.

2 Bedroom Condos in Destin FL Beachfront

Destin is the right place for you: Solo adventurer, family or friends’ group, or honeymooner – whatever traveler you are. And my selection of 2-bedroom suites in Destin, Florida, is the best solution to stay and enjoy the moments.

1. Ariel Dunes I – Condos in Miramar Beach

Ariel Dunes 1 is the perfect second home in Destin to get controlled access with all necessary hotel-like features.

Ariel Dunes I – Condos in Miramar Beach


These condos are in Seascape Blvd with a 300m distance to Miramar beach. Besides, you can drive to this destination 10 km from Destin Executive Airport.

Condominium Features

It’s a classy 24-story high-rise condo with 1, 2, and 3-bedroom air-conditioned units. You will love to enjoy the beach views from the balconies of each unit. Moreover, the architecture of the condos is beautiful.

Facilities You Get

This 3.5-star holiday home offers all necessities like a fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, and garden. In-room amenities may include free internet, kitchenware, linen beds, cable TV, dining space, and a tea maker. Also, you can use the bathroom with complimentary toiletries for a private relaxing session.

Places to Go

You can roam around parks, museums, beaches, and other spots by staying at this place. Some notable places are Driftwood Park, Kell Aire Nature Walk, Morgan Sports Complex, Destin History and Fishing Museum, and James Lee Park Public Beach.

Recommended for:

It’s a great choice if your prime preference is staying close to blue water with your beloved one.

2. Amalfi Coast A204 Beachfront Condominium

Do you need Destin condo rentals 2 bedrooms near the beach? Amalfi Coast A204 is all you need for a memorable vacation in Florida.

Amalfi Coast A204 Beachfront Condominium


Like Ariel Dunes, it is within 200m of Miramar Beach. It has an 11 km road distance from the nearest airport.

Property Greatness

This condo is on the 4th floor with sufficient access to light and air with a balcony view of the ocean. The air-conditioned unit has a kitchen and a huge breakfast bar. Outdoor remarks include a fountain, firepit, swimming pool, and others.

Modern Amenities

Make your beloved happy by taking to this condo offering multiple in-room services. You can use the private ensuite bathroom, fully-furnished balcony, and walk-in closet. Also, there is a poolside cabana with a built-in kitchenette to make some BBQs and other delicacies. Some other essential services are free WIFI, flat TV, a mini fridge, a coffee machine, and laundry.

Things to Do

Activities like walking on the sandy beaches, cycling, windsurfing, and fishing are feasible in Amalfi Coast A204. Guests who stayed here recommend going places like Henderson Beach State Park, Woodlands Park, Indian Temple Mound and Museum, and Helen McCall Park.

Recommended for:

I suggest you book this condominium for its peaceful environment and access to 5 beaches with 10 km.

3. Huntington by the Sea – Holiday Home in Miramar Beach

Remove all the stresses of daily life and get yourself rejuvenated dipping your feet in the blue water by staying at Huntington by the Sea.

Huntington by the Sea – Holiday Home in Miramar Beach


This 31-accommodation condo is in Monaco Street, 50m from Miramar Beach in Destin. You can reach the Destin Executive Airport quickly from this property, only 12 km road distance.

Lovely Settings

This collection of waterfront condos has deluxe rooms with amazing Gulf views. You can make your day beautiful by keeping feet on sands, prepping dishes on the shared grill, and enjoying moments at lounge near the outdoor pool. Besides, you will love each unit’s well-furnished deck and modern kitchen.

Condo Perks

Consider yourself a VIP as the staff of this property will treat you like that. You will get a private entrance to a linen bedroom, stovetop, and microwave for cooking, free WIFI for surfing the web, and TV for watching shows. There is also a private bathroom with a tub and shower, including free toiletries.

Tourist Attractions

Indeed, it is a place to do a lot of activities and visit highlights. You are good to be a part of mini golf, snorkeling, diving, cycling, bowling, hiking, windsurfing, and fishing. Thus, families can explore spots like Lion Park, Main Street Park, Indian Temple Mound and Museum, and Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park.

Recommended for:

You will love to bring your families to this condo as it is in a convenient location with adjacency to five beaches.

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4. Pelican Beach Resort Condos

If you want both luxury services close to nature in Destin, then the Pelican Beach Resort Condos can be your right destination.

Pelican Beach Resort Condos


You can locate this guesthouse at Highway 98 East, on Pelican Beach. Destin Executive Airport is only 1.7 km away from the condos. Hence, these family-owned condos create opportunities for spending wonderful time with family members.

Eccentric Milieu

You will fall in love with sandy beaches while lying on the beach chair or sitting on the balcony of the condos. This property offers three swimming pools, a gym, a sauna, beach services, Tiki Bar, a deli, and so on. Also, you can arrange BBQ parties or have some gossip with closer ones on the sun terrace or at the garden.

Resort Conveniences

Standard in-room services include a soundbar, free internet, dining and kitchen spaces, wardrobe, refrigerator, and coffee maker. You may relax on the linen beds while watching TV shows with streaming services. You can use the private jacuzzi with free toiletries for the cooling session.

Activities to Do

You can enjoy the happy hour and go for snorkeling, diving, cycling, canoeing, windsurfing, and fishing. For sports lovers, there are options for playing golf and tennis. Including these, you can visit Destin’s beautiful places like Morgan Sports Complex, Dewey Destin Park, Mattie Kelly Park, Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone, and Indian Temple Mound Museum.

Recommended for:

I have kept Pelican Beach Resort Condos on my list for their unique family-friendly atmosphere and scope for doing numerous activities.

5. Mainsail II – 2-Bedroom Condo

Condos are great for relaxing, especially on the holidays. And if you want them in Destin, Mainsail II can be the right choice for family fun or an exciting honeymoon.

Mainsail II – 2-Bedroom Condo


It’s just 300m close to Miramar Beach, on the 7th floor. The nearest airport takes a 12 km drive if your concern is about transportation.

Unbelievable Backdrop

It’s a 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo – just like you have at home. Both rooms offers coastline views of the Gulf from the balcony. Apart from in-room facilities, you can get services like a games room, patio, daily housekeeping, ATM, outdoor furniture, gym, and BBQ options.

Upgraded Amenities

Inside the condo, you get free internet, huge 4k TV, a kitchenette, an air fryer, a Keurig coffee maker, a washer, a dryer, phone chargers, and so on. For couples, the hot tub and heated pool offer extra room of intimacy and making love.

Activities and Curiosities

This beachfront condo is ideal for doing some adventures. You may love to attend mini golf, snorkel, diving, bowling, cycling, and others. Additionally, it can be a better place to roam around city’s popular sights. Such sights include Driftwood Park, Helen McCall Park, Seminole Park, and Destin History and Fishing Museum.

Recommended for:

This ocean-front 2-bedroom condo for rent is suitable for the great hospitality and comfort inside it – just like another home to stay in Destin.

6. Ciboney – Perfect Condo at Highway 98

If you want a condominium for a large family, you can book the Ciboney near the sandy beach of Miramar.

Ciboney – Perfect Condo at Highway 98


Like other condos I have discussed, it is also near Miramar Beach, nestling off Highway 98. Within 9 km, you can book a flight at Destin Executive Airport from the apartment hotel.

Home-like Ambiance

Once you are at this 1, 2, and 3-bedroom condo, you will easily feel like staying at your own home. You can sunbathe on the private beach by walking for a minute. Hence, guests who stayed here already loved the décor of the condo. This multilingual condominium offers an outdoor swimming pool for playing some water games.

Friendly Services

The staffs are ready to serve you, their best. In-room services include free WIFI, a bright living area with a plush sofa, smart TV, kitchenette, dining room, and bar. Likewise, the bathroom has a tub-shower combo to offer flexible rejuvenation.

Refreshment Purposes

You can let your kids play in the garden or go on activities like cycling, and fishing together. Some notable tourist spots you may visit our Henderson Beach State Park, Kell Aire Nature Walk, Mattie Kelly Park, Fort Walton Beach Park, and James Lee Park Public Beach.

Recommended for:

I suggest this condo for the neat and clean environment with holiday spaces for large families (like 3-6 members) or friends’ group.

7. Majestic 3-Story Home Near Beach

Let me talk about a value-for-money condo in Destin – the Majestic 3-Story Home Near Beach. It boasts with five bedrooms with exactly what things you desire.

Majestic 3-Story Home Near Beach


You can locate this holiday home on Ciboney Street, 400m from Miramar Beach. This iconic condo has a 9 km distance from the nearest airport.

Lovely Locale

This is another condo for large families or friends group with a picturesque view of the ocean. It features three levels of modern living areas and a peaceful patio. Besides, there are scopes to arrange BBQ parties, have fun with friends by playing games, and sunbathe at the beach.

Exclusive Luxuries

The conveniences start with keyless entry for full control over your booked space. Some adoring features are community pool, laptop-friendly space, second-floor kitchenette, smart TV with streaming services, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher.

Where to Visit

You may love to capture photos by visiting places nearby the property. I have learned about some good places to go like Henderson Beach State Park, Kell Aire Park, Joe’s Bayou Recreation Area, Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park‎, and Crystal Sands Beach.

Recommended for:

If you want a place that offers exactly the same to your expenses and desires, this condo would be your final choice.

8. GulfSide 0403 at Hidden Dunes

GulfSide 0403 at Hidden Dunes is an exceptionally great 2-bedroom condo with satisfying guest feedback.

GulfSide 0403 at Hidden Dunes


The whole-apartment condominium is near Miramar Beach, Destin. Driving 13 km from the Destin Executive Airport, you can reach this property.

Pleasant Scenario

Enjoy the soothing sound of the waves of the Emerald Coast by staying at this lodge. It boasts with gym, air-conditioned space, tennis court, and free internet.

Various In-room Services

Mainly, you will love this home for its in-house amenities. Beside the linen beds is a kitchen facility with coffee maker, toaster, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. For relaxation, you may use the hot tub or jacuzzi or go for water sports, snorkeling, and fishing.

Things to See

For a honeymoon or family get-together, it would be fun to take mates to nearby places of interest. These places can be Driftwood Park, Helen McCall Park, Destin History and Fishing Museum, Indian Temple Mound and Museum, and the beaches of Emerald Coast.

Recommended for:

It’s a top-rated condo for overall guest facilities and experience.

9. River Cottage on Edgewater

Leave all your workaholic stresses behind by staying at River Cottage on Edgewater to enjoy the vintage beauty and colorful Coastal-inspired home.

River Cottage on Edgewater


It is far from the crowd, but close to nature and the beach area in Edgewater, Florida. Daytona Beach International Airport is only 26 km far from this condo.

Cottage Settings

It is mainly a 3-bedroom home with sufficient space to park the vessel and scopes to roam around by boat. There are children’s playground, an outdoor patio, and options to have family fun. Also, you can take your pets to this holiday home.

Fantastic Services

Besides free internet, you will get a fully-fledged kitchen with necessary utilities like dining table, coffee maker, tumble dryer, oven, washing machine, and fridge. You may cuddle your partner on the linen bed, watch TV shows, or have private moments at the bathroom with free toiletries.

Must Go Spots

Some places to make your day beautiful and romantic are Menard-May Park, Sanchez Park, Duck Lake, Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse Museum, Daytona Beach Area, and Saxon Trail Nature Preserve.

Recommended for:

This cottage is recommended for its green environment and facilities to go on boating and fishing while staying close to beach.

10. Emerald Dunes Near Crystal Sands Beach

The last one of my 2-bedroom hotels in Destin, Florida list is the Emerald Dunes 602 condo. It offers dreamy views of blue water and calm air.

Emerald Dunes Near Crystal Sands Beach


It is on Crystal Sands Beach (only 10m distance) in Destin, FL. Even the nearest airport is within 4.7 km radius from this property.

Enjoyable Atmosphere

You can find 2 condos on the same floor. Each has an excellent view of the Gulf with a consistent flow of air and light. However, it is an adult-only rental home, unsuitable for people under 25. But you can opt-out many lovely amenities here.

Fabulous Amenities

Booking this condo, you can avail master bedroom, living room, and dining spaces. The hotel offers free beach chairs for perfect leisure on the sandy beach. Inside the home, you will get kitchen, microwave, fridge, DVD player, iron, and private bathroom.


There is no internet access available at this condo. So, you are already isolated from the crowd and the ocean is totally yours. Besides these, you can also visit Henderson Beach State Park, Morgan Sports Complex, Kell Aire Park, Indian Temple Mound and Museum, and Emerald Coast Science Center.

Recommended for:

This condo is suitable mainly for a group of friends over 25 years old and family members.


What’s the cheapest month to go to Destin, Florida?

It is good to go to Destin from November to February to save money.

Is Destin an excellent place to stay in Florida?

Unless you don’t love the ocean, Destin can be an ideal place to stay in FL.

Why is Destin, Florida, so popular?

Destin is famous mainly for its beaches, historical museums, parks, and shopping scopes.

Is Destin, FL, family-friendly?

Of course, you can take your family and friends to this lovely city.

How much does it cost to rent a condominium in Destin?

Usually, it costs $60-$320, depending on condo’s location, facilities, and rooms.


So, I am at the end of the discussion on 2-bedroom condos in Destin, FL, beachfront. You have learned 10 best condos in this city with limitless options for fun and peaceful stay. If you are coming to this city with family or a beloved one, there won’t be any better options than these condos.

Also, I am sure you will love your stay by doing activities and visiting nearby areas. I hope you loved this touring guide. Thanks for coming here.

Chris Appleford is a Nomadic Traveler. He goes to different parts of the country and tries to share his experiences with others. Also, he assists people in selecting hotels to stay in, things to do in selected areas, and expressing arts and culture.

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