Five of the Best Hospitality Exchange Site

When you are out on a quest to travel around the world but still need to be on a budget, that’s where hospitality exchange services come in handy. Hospitality exchange services can reduce your costs and also make your travel experience better because it helps you to connect with local people and culture.

So, the question is, what are the five best hospitality exchange sites?

If you are looking into hospitality exchange sites for your travelling then Couchsurfing, Trustroots, Airbnb, Warmshowers, and BeWelcome should be your first choices. These are the top hospitality exchange services in today’s world.

You can also check out Travelling Apples for recommendations for the best hospitality exchange site.

But for now, let’s dive into the article to find out about the five best hospitality exchange sites.

Top 5 Hospitality Exchange Sites

More and more tourists are forsaking hotels and hostels in favour of staying with locals they’ve met through hospitality networks. It is making all tourists’ travelling experiences more engaging than ever.

This is a list of the most well-known and intriguing organizations in this ever-expanding industry.

1. Trustroots

Trustroots was founded in 2014 and markets itself as a hitchhiker hospitality website. This is likely to be perfect for digital nomads who are willing to go with the flow and have a solid passive income or some cash on hand.

Trustroots is arguably the least beneficial for digital nomads due to its focus on hitchhikers and hobos, but it has a very nice website, and the maps displaying where all of its users are quite helpful.

The ‘Tribes’ function is one of Trustroots’ most notable features. You can quickly identify others who share their hobbies, such as vegans and vegetarians, dumpster divers, hikers, cyclists, musicians, artists, and buskers, using these simple tools.

When looking for hosts, you can filter people by several ‘tribes’ to quickly connect with folks who share your interests. You can also join as a member to get updates, find profiles, and make your own contributions to the community.

Furthermore, rather than branching out into intriguing issues or travel tips and guidance, the site focuses solely on Trustroots and its updates. Although you can subscribe to the blog and receive new entries through email, it is probably not worth handing up your email address until they add some more interesting topics.

2. Airbnb


When it comes to Airbnb, it is not a free hospitality exchange service. It will cost you to get a nice place to stay but of course, the cost will be lower than any hotel. You will frequently discover that Airbnb is less expensive, has more character, and is cosier than hotels.

It’s important to choose your stay very carefully as you can’t check out the place in person. When it comes to picking where to stay when you are travelling, reading reviews is crucial. But it is not wise to rely on these reviews always.

Reviews are sometimes more kind than typical, possibly because visitors are afraid that a negative evaluation will prompt the host to respond with one of their own.

Another advantage to picking Airbnb is that you can get a quiet room with a nice mattress to get a good night’s sleep when you really need it.

3. Warmshowers

WarmShowers bills itself as “Couchsurfing for Cyclists,” and that is exactly what it is.

Its specialized niche-based approach to serving just cyclists narrows the field and competition for visitors while ensuring that hosts can connect with them on a personal level; a mutual enthusiasm for long-distance cycling vacations.

We found in WarmShowers reviews that the majority of hosts had also been guests at some point, and vice versa.

It’s vital to note that this Couchsurfing alternative has a strong community, and being a guest doesn’t always imply “free”.

You pay with your time and effort, ensuring that you are the best guest possible.

If you utilize this site, we recommend that you don’t arrive too exhausted and that you’re prepared to talk. Bring a few groceries and prepare supper for your host. Prepare to be an ideal guest, and you’ll almost certainly find yourself sharing a home with an ideal host.

4. BeWelcome

BeWelcome appears to be far more user-friendly than most other hospitality exchange sites. The search feature is adequate, and it includes a map interface, which will help you find places very easily without any hassle.

BeWelcome is the most popular completely free Couchsurfing alternative, with 165.000 members. And that’s why travellers love it so much.

You can contact other members of this service for information on available lodging and make a reservation. Following the completion of a stay, you and the host both have the choice of leaving public references for one another, providing an online reputation similar to Couchsurfing.

5. Servas

Servas has a long and illustrious history, stretching back to the pre-colour television era. Bob Luitweiler started it in 1949 with the objective of actively fighting for peace and social justice.

You must apply at least four weeks before your trip, according to Servas. You will require two letters of recommendation, a personal interview with a local Serva coordinator, and a membership fee and you have to submit these to Servas. The membership fee will vary depending on the area you will choose.

You can contact potential hosts ahead of time and provide estimated travel dates. The host may ask you to confirm your arrival one or two days before your trip.

You have the option of staying with hosts for up to three days and two nights. Your sleeping quarters will be provided by the hosts. And the amazing thing is, you will be offered food and help with travelling within the city by your host.

Servas tourists are expected to submit a report to the regional supervisor at the end of their journey, including any information that may be relevant.


Thanks for coming this far with our article. Hope our article helped you find out the five of the best hospitality change sites for your travelling needs. Now that you have enough information about the sites, you can choose one that fulfils all your requirements and you can enjoy your heart out when you are on the road.

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