A Traveler’s Guide to Vaping Etiquette and Enjoyment


As of 2023, the global community of vapers has swelled to an impressive 82 million.[1] This group isn’t just content with staying home; they’re globetrotters and wanderers, often venturing across international borders for work or pleasure, vape gear in hand. But here’s the catch: stepping into a new country also means stepping into a whole new set of rules and regulations. Imagine the surprise — and not the pleasant kind — when a traveler, unaware of the local laws, faces fines or stern warnings for simply enjoying a vape.

This is where our guide comes in. Think of it as your trusty companion, shedding light on the dos and don’ts of using e-cigarettes in various countries. Whether you’re lounging on a beach in Bali or attending a conference in Canada, knowing these rules can save you from unexpected hassles and keep your travel experience smooth and enjoyable. So, let’s dive in and ensure your next trip is not just memorable but also rule-compliant!

Understanding Vaping Regulations Worldwide

Before traveling abroad, it’s crucial to research the vaping laws of your destination. Regulations vary widely; some countries welcome vapers with open arms, while others have stringent restrictions or even outright bans.

Country Legal to Own E-Cigarette Local Presence of Shops Restrictions/Additional Information
England Yes Yes Enthusiastic about e-cigarettes. Enjoy the freedom.
Argentina Sale, importation, and manufacturing are banned.
Austria Yes Yes Follows EU laws.
Australia Yes Yes Nicotine is classified as a restricted poison; it varies by state.
Brazil Sale, importation, and advertising are banned.
Brunei All e-cigarettes are banned; fines for use in no-smoking areas.
Canada Yes Yes Varies by province; some restrictions on nicotine.
Chile No specific regulations.
China Yes Yes No restrictions.
Colombia Yes No Vaping is classified as tobacco imitation; sale/advertising is banned.
Egypt Officially banned but not strictly enforced.
Iran Sale, importation, and manufacture are prohibited.
India No No Complete prohibition.
Indonesia Yes Yes (mainly Bali) High tax on e-liquids; bring your own refills.
Ireland Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes Tax on e-liquids; VAT applies.
Japan Yes Limited Strict regulations; non-nicotine e-liquids unregulated.
Malaysia Yes Yes Nicotine is classified as poison; tax on e-liquids.
Morocco Yes Yes
Martinique Yes Yes
Oman All vape products are illegal.
Panama Retail sales and use in non-smoking areas are prohibited.
Philippines The details of the vaping ban are unclear; avoid carrying e-cigarettes.
Qatar Selling, distribution, or possession is largely illegal.
Singapore Use, purchase, and possession are illegal.
South Korea Yes Yes Banned in public places; subject to various taxes.
Scotland Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes
Finland Yes Yes Restrictions on e-liquid additives and flavors; taxes apply.
Greece Yes Yes Tax on e-liquid sales.
Guadeloupe Yes Yes
Mauritius At your own risk No Sale/distribution of e-cigarettes prohibited; confiscation risks.
New Zealand Yes Yes Regulated like tobacco, age, and location restrictions.
Netherlands Yes Yes
Portugal Yes Yes Excise duty on e-liquid.
Thailand No No Strict prohibition on e-cigarettes; importation/sale banned.
Tunisia Yes Yes Limited e-liquids licensed for sale.
USA Yes Yes

Respecting Public Spaces and Cultural Norms

Public perception of vaping differs globally. In many cities, you’ll find designated areas for vaping, similar to smoking zones. However, in certain cultures, vaping in public, especially around children or in crowded areas, might be frowned upon. Observing and adapting to these social cues is key to a harmonious experience. When in doubt, always choose discretion and consider stepping away from public view to vape.

Selecting the Right Vape Juice for Your Travels

Choosing the right vape juice is not just a matter of taste; it’s an essential part of your travel adventure. Here’s how to pick the perfect flavor that matches your travel itinerary:

Tropical Escapades

Heading to a destination with sun-kissed beaches and balmy breezes? Tropical climates call for vape juices that are light and refreshing. Think along the lines of citrusy blends or sweet, fruity concoctions. These flavors complement the warm weather and vibrant surroundings, adding an extra layer of sensory pleasure to your relaxation.

Urban Adventures

If your travels take you to bustling metropolises, consider vape juices that reflect the dynamic energy of the city. A mix of classic and contemporary flavors, like a cool mint or a smooth vanilla latte blend, can be the perfect companion as you navigate the lively streets and urban landscapes.

Countryside Retreats

For those serene moments in the countryside, surrounded by nature, opt for earthy or floral notes. Flavors like green tea, lavender, or a hint of honey can harmonize beautifully with the tranquil settings, enhancing the peacefulness of your rural getaway.

Cooler Climes

Venturing into cooler regions? This calls for richer, more robust vape juices. Flavors with depth, such as dark chocolate, espresso, or spiced blends, can provide a comforting warmth, making them ideal for enjoying in a cozy café or while taking in the crisp outdoor air.


Beyond flavor, the actual key to a flawless vaping session while traveling is selecting the appropriate e-liquid. Versatility is essential for the globetrotter, and nicotine salt e-liquids excel in this regard. They have a more neutral pH than normal juices, allowing you to raise nicotine levels while maintaining a smooth, satisfying vape experience no matter where you travel. And here’s the best part: shopping for this gem is a piece of cake. Visit Vape Juice, the go-to online source for premium Salt Nic Vape Juice. They sell high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

4 Travel Tips For Vapers

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice explorer, these essential tips will help you navigate the nuances of vaping on the go.

Packing Essentials

Traveling light is key, but ensure you have all your vaping necessities – a reliable device, charger, and a selection of vape juices. Check airline regulations regarding the transportation of vape gear to avoid any travel hiccups.

Battery Management

A vape running out of power can be inconvenient during your travels. To avoid this, make sure your device is fully charged before you set off. It’s also wise to carry a portable charger or extra batteries, especially when exploring remote areas. If you’re interested in a simpler solution, consider single-use vaping devices.

Exploring Local Vaping Scenes

Many destinations offer unique vaping experiences, from local vape shops to community meet-ups.


Engaging with these can not only enhance your understanding of the local vaping culture but also introduce you to new flavors and styles.

Hydration is Key

Vaping, especially in warmer climates, can lead to dehydration. Keep hydrated to ensure your vaping experience is always pleasant.


Traveling as a vaper can be a fantastic way to explore the world, provided you do it with mindfulness and respect for local customs and laws. By being well-prepared and choosing the right products from Vape Juice, you’re all set for a journey filled with delightful experiences and flavors. Embrace the diversity of vaping cultures around the globe and let each puff add a unique note to your travel adventure.

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