Bruges is one of the great open air museums!

A lovely boat trip on the Dijver Canal, Bruges A lovely boat trip on the Dijver Canal, Bruges

It’s hard to dislike Bruges, it’s literally one of the most beautiful medieval cities you are ever likely to visit. There are so many things to see and do, you could spend several days to a week here and really immerse yourself in all of the great attractions Bruges has to offer. Or if you just want to wander about and enjoy the buzz of the streets, admire the impressive buildings and fight the hordes of tourists, you can do a day trip from Brussels or Ghent with ease given their close proximity.

The charming Jan Van Eyckplain, Bruges

The charming Jan Van Eyckplain, Bruges

Some of Bruges’ highlights for us included:

  • St Saviour Cathedral – Bruge’s official cathedral
  • Markt – The epicentre of Bruges where a lot of the city’s vibrancy emanates from. Flanked by incredible buildings such as the Belfry, Historium and Provincial Court, while the statue of Bruges historical figures Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck take pride of place in the middle of the square.
  • Burg – Bruges’ second largest square and just a short walk from Markt. Here you’ll find the Basilica of the Holy Blood, gothic Town Hall, Old Civil Registry and the Bishop’s Palace. They are all spectacular buildings!
  • Church Of Our Lady – An enormous 122.3 metre tower means you can see this church from anywhere, and it houses Michelangelo’s white marble statue ‘Madonna and Child’.
  • Dijver and Groenerei Canals – Beautiful waterways flowing through the city, and the site of many of Bruges’ most popular photo destinations.
Chris and Sarah at the most photographed spot in Bruges

Chris and Sarah at the most photographed spot in Bruges

While Bruges is clearly absolutely amazing, there’s no doubt it lacks a little soul, certainly when compared to nearby Ghent. Obviously the insane number of tourists clogging the streets (including us) influences what kind of shops and outlets you can find. Tourist shops and quick, cheap and ultimately unhealthy food places dominate, but if you look hard enough, and have enough cash, you can find some stunning restaurants and get your shopping fix as well.

Watch a video of our adventures through the streets of Bruges…

MUSIC: Bob Trimble – ‘One Mile From Heaven’

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