I’ve ditched the shampoo and become a travelling hippy!

no shampoo O.K so maybe I'm not an authentic hippy - don't worry mum, this really isn't my hair! source: flickr/ella larose

Prior to leaving Melbourne, I read an article ‘How to Quit Shampoo without Becoming Disgusting’ by American Lauren O’Neal.  I had read some similar stories and was already conscious of what hair products do to your hair as well as the nasty chemicals leaching into your skin.  After reading this I instantly thought at some stage, early on in our travels I would give it ago.  Before you cringe hear me out!

I stopped dying my hair over seven years ago after having a light bulb moment that the chemicals that stank out the hair salon and stained my skin must be having a toxic effect on my body.  Not to mention the fact I couldn’t really afford or justify spending $200+ on trips to the hairdresser.

I have used natural shampoo and conditioner for as long as I can remember and became addicted to washing my hair every time I showered.  Being a twice shampoo, once condition kind of girl, you can only imagine how much of that stuff I went through.

Could I give the ‘no poo’ thing a go?

So I thought, instead of lugging two bottles around with me and spending our precious travel funds on my hair I would give the ‘no shampoo’ thing a go.  That was until I spoke to my mum.  ‘Think about the smell’ she instantly said.  I hadn’t thought about that…would it really smell? Would I turn into a full on hippy? Could I really break the habit of washing my hair daily and putting up with a little grease?  I wasn’t so sure, so it took a back seat until we arrived in France.

As soon as we landed in Europe we were really watching every penny and when I mentioned to Chris that I needed to go to the health food shop to pick up some things his eyes rolled.  Among the items on my list was shampoo and conditioner.  Chris instantly asked me when was I going to start “that no shampoo thing”.  If I was really going to do this, it was the ideal time.  We were housesitting in a little rural French village, I knew no one and we weren’t going to be heading to any fancy places while there.  It was time to jump in and see what all the fuss is about.

Day 1.

After buying a headscarf, some bicarb soda and some apple cider vinegar (key ingredients to balancing out the oils of your hair) I felt ready to give this a go.  I instantly discovered how much I hated not washing my hair in my morning shower.

Day 2.

Headscarf was on…I’m really not sure it was that necessary, but it made me feel a little better about disguising the growing layer of grease in my roots.

Day 4.

This thing is rank.  My hair was full on grease ball, stuck to my head with a few wet looking flyaways. What was I thinking!!!

Week 1.

Ok, it’s not that bad…I tried my first run of the homemade shampoo & vinegar concoction of 50/50 baking soda & water for the “shampoo” and 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water “conditioner”.  The result wasn’t what I would call amazing, but I did have the streaky clean feel in the shower.

Week 2.

Day one of week two and my hair looks a little more sightly.  I haven’t pinned it back, put it in a bun or covered it with a scarf.  Now, let’s not get silly…I wasn’t going to be a hair model for a Pantene commercial, but things were looking up.

Week 4.

no shampoo

I started to get used to the ‘no poo’ thing by week 4.

By the start of week four I was really into this thing, in fact it just became the norm and I didn’t really think too much about it.

Fast forward to now.

no shampoo

I actually can happily wear my hair out now without being embarrassed

It’s been about six months now since I embarked on the ‘no poo’ challenge and I can honestly say, I don’t think I will be going back to buying shampoo and conditioner any time soon.  My hair feels clean and oddly enough, thicker.  I spend way less time washing and drying it and when I need a freshen up (about every 7/8 days) I just head to the pantry to get some bicarb soda and apple cider vinegar and give it a scrub.  Needless to say the experiment was a success.  No more buying expensive organic hair products, less time in the shower and healthier looking hair.

Now for some styling!

Adeptly timed, at the end of last year I received an Invisibobble styling pack to try out right when I was happy with the result of my hair detox. I had only wished I was introduced to these traceless hair rings when we were travelling in South East Asia as I was swimming regularly and losing my trusty black thin elastics all the time.

no shampoo

The Invisibobble styling pack

These little hair ties appear to be something you would fasten your keys on, but they actually allow you to tie your hair back without getting your hair tangled or have your elastics snap on you (a regular thing for me).  What I like about them best is that I don’t have a whole lot of hair getting stuck to them when I hastily untie my ponytail, they don’t leave a strong visible mark when I take my hair out, and they are big enough to see so I won’t suck them up in the vacuum!

no shampoo

Sporting an Invisibobble hair tie

Now, I’m a throw my hair up or leave it out kind of girl, not spending too much time in front of the mirror styling the perfect up-do! But I was happy to see my little Invisibobble styling pack came with a book of ideas on how to use the hair ties and make them invisible (hence the name!), some of which I would be happy to give a go! The only draw back to these little guys is if you just want to pop your hair in a pony tail or plait the Invisibobble is actually very visible! Anyone planning on going on holiday, regularly enjoys swimming or simply loves all things hair and hair products should try them out.  I know I have no intention of buying another pack of 20 little thin black elastics that disappear with the odd socks anytime soon!

So keep an eye out for our family travel snaps to see how my ‘no poo’ method is going and if my hair styling techniques have improved along the way!

Note:  I was provided with the Invisibobble styling pack to review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

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