La Rochelle is our kind of town [video]

Inside the historic La Rochelle town centre, looking back towards the Great Clock Tower Inside the historic La Rochelle town centre, looking back towards the Great Clock Tower

Being near the water makes a massive difference to the way we enjoy a town or city. Of course there are landlocked places that are awesome, but there’s something about seeing boats bobbing up and down in the harbour that just makes a place feel more inviting and exciting.

For us, despite going in the middle of winter when the freezing cold wind cut straight through us, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I can only imagine how vibrant La Rochelle must be in the warmer months. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants that would be packed in the summer time, and heaps of attractions for tourists to sink their teeth into. Plus there are parks to escape from the madness of the city during peak times, and the enjoyment you get from just exploring the town on foot is incredible.

The Great Clock Tower, La Rochelle

The Great Clock Tower, La Rochelle

Just don’t go driving around town in your car, find a place to park and walk. It is probably the worst place I have ever driven in my life. We have since found out that many French towns have created horrible traffic systems in their town centres to deter people from driving their cars there. If this is the case for La Rochelle they have done an exceptional job it is truly a driver’s worst nightmare. And during the summer months the roads in town became a virtual car park, with so many cars on the road it’s impossible to get anyway.

We highly recommend you visit La Rochelle, particularly when the temperature is warmer. Enjoy our video and if you’d like to know anything about the city leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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