Having digested the news we are going home, I’m now super excited!

Leaving one winter and heading into anther isn't ideal, but it's not worrying me in the slightest! Leaving one winter and heading into another isn't ideal, but it's not worrying me in the slightest!

It has been a couple of weeks since we made the decision to return home and while I remain disappointed, having time to reflect on our adventure I can now see how incredible the year has been. I’m also much more excited about returning home having time to digest the decision and although my skin could do with some summer sun (it’s semi translucent!), the fact we are going to have back-to-back winters isn’t even worrying me!

The adventure of a life time

Having spent much more time as a family has been worth the journey

Having spent much more time as a family has been worth the journey

We have had an adventure of a life time which I will be forever grateful for. Chris and I have both travelled extensively in the past, but never together and of course not with Jack in tow. Travelling has enriched our relationship and has also allowed us both to open Jack’s eyes up to different cultures, landscapes, languages and food which I know has made an impression on him. We have learnt so much more about each other and I have personally learnt a lot more about myself along the way. It has certainly been a year to remember

So it wasn’t long as we intended

Giddy up we are coming home

Giddy up we are coming home

Yes, we are heading home well short of when we intended, but it hasn’t made our experience any less significant. We have crammed a lot of things in our year and upon reflection, I actually feel a year might be enough for us at this point in time (not that we have much choice!). We could continue, but the risk is we will be left with nothing in our accounts and with two mortgages, that is probably not the most responsible thing! Coming home gives us a chance to recharge our batteries and reboot our bank accounts before we plan the next adventure (yes, sorry mum we probably will be off again!).

We have something now to look forward to

Returning home doesn’t change our plans of one day living in or travelling throughout the U.S. It has been Chris’ dream and we are going to one day make in a reality (what a good wife I am!). So now we have something to look forward to and plan for.

Jack will have a chance to remember more

Jack taking some photos with his Christmas present from Nan

I think Jack might have caught the travel bug too!

While I know the experience of travelling has certainly made an impression on Jack and there are things he will remember from this adventure, if we travel again in a few years’ time, he will be able to remember much more. And whilst I thought we only had a small window before Jack needs to focus on school and want to stay with his friends, the reality is until the later years of his education he can learn anywhere.

We have learned many lessons along the way

Having had this experience, we have learnt many lessons along the way which will better prepare us on the next adventure. We have also developed relationships with our clients and will continue to grow and nurture these into the future giving us a head start in maintaining our travels financially. There are some things you can only learn once you get started and while we can share plenty of tips and advice, there is no real way of knowing how to travel and what works for you until you pack you bags and go.

So Melbourne here we come and I can’t wait to see everyone back home, enjoy sitting in one of my favourite cafés, unpacking our bags and get the next chapter in Travelling Apples started. It’s going to be another good year ahead in our home town.

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