Jack’s memories of 2014…are there any?

Jack and his fascination with buskers was one of our memorable moments Jack and his fascination with buskers was one of our memorable moments

We have talked a lot about our experiences and memories of 2014 on the blog but not that much of what Jack recalls. We have expected that Jack won’t remember a lot of what we have done or who we have met whilst travelling when he grows up, but we do know it is having an effect on the little boy he is becoming. I am surprised though when Jack mentions ‘I did that’ or ‘are we going to see so and so’ or he sees photos and can talk about the event or where we were. So with our help, here are some of Jack’s memories of 2014.

Camel ride in India

Camel ride in the Indian Desert was certainly one of Jack's highlights

Camel ride in the Indian Desert was certainly one of Jack’s highlights

If you have read the book ‘Dear Zoo’ then you will know there is a camel that gets sent back because he is too grumpy. Well this always prompts Jack to talk about the camel ride in the Indian desert which was very scary!

People we have met along the way

Although some of the memories of 2014 are already fading, Jack has fond recollections of many of the people along the way. He remembers Caitlin and Theyab well who we stayed with in Abu Dhabi, Marianne whose house we Couchsurfed at in Bern and the family of our current housesitting gig before they went travelling.

Happy birthday Nonnie

We will spare you the 2:45 of Jack singing Happy Birthday!

We will spare you the 2:45 minutes of Jack singing Happy Birthday!

We filmed a happy birthday message to my mum where Jack sang and tried to blow out a never ending candle. The video goes on for almost 3 minutes with him repeating the song and Jack has asked to watch it at least once a day ever since. In fact whenever we have had the chance to sing Happy Birthday to someone he always sings it to Nonnie!

Lulu the lab

In our first house sitting gig we looked after four beautiful Labradors which was great as we greatly miss our dog back home. The youngest and dare we say naughtiest, Lulu has stuck in Jack’s mind. Maybe it was the constant calling her of which Jack mimicked all the time, or the occasional ‘naughty Lulu’ which has stuck in his memory. It doesn’t hurt that Lulu is also a character in Bananas in Pyjamas!

The lady with the big bubbles

Big bubbles in Prague were amazing entertainment

Big bubbles in Prague were amazing entertainment

Prague was one of the greatest places for kids to get a piece of big bubble action and one particular busker stole Jack’s heart. He was regularly asking for her days after we had spent some time catching bubbles in the square and since then every time we see someone making them he asks ‘where’s the lady?’.

Molly’s rainbow

Jack’s little friend back in Melbourne kindly sent a care package of a drink bottle and a beautiful hand drawing of a rainbow which has found a home on the wall of Jack’s bedroom. Since then whenever he sees a picture of a rainbow or one in the sky he mentions ‘it’s just like Molly’s rainbow’. Friends forever!

Motorbike in the park

Another video prompted memory is of him playing on a spring based motorbike at a park along the river of Innsbruck. He never seems to tire of watching his technique and hearing his laughter on repeat on my phone.

Jack’s memories are probably not going to last forever, but are definitely prompted when we show him photos or videos of our experiences. It’s nice to constantly look back and relive the stories so that we can try enable him to hold onto something from this trip.

Interestingly enough, for those who are considering travelling with kids, most of what Jack remembers are experience that didn’t cost a thing, that we incurred by chance or the people and animals we have met along the way. Maybe that’s proof that you don’t have to buy tickets to heaps of shows, visit a theme park at every stop or fill their world with expensive toys to keep toddlers happy and entertained. Save that for when they become miserable teenagers!!!

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  1. I love this – I think it doesn’t matter at all whether young kids remember the details of their travel or not because as you say it absolutely shapes who they become. My son is nearly 5 now and has travelled a lot, and doesn’t have clear memories of much of it but there are certain things he always talks about, and a lot of little habits and thoughts in our daily lives that I know came from his travels. Definitely still worth it!
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