From Saigon to Hanoi…we’ve published our Vietnam eBook!

Saigon To Hanoi Saigon To Hanoi

It’s an exciting day here at Travelling Apples HQ, we’ve published our Vietnam eBook. Now we feel like bona fide travel bloggers!!! This is what it’s all about right, heading on adventures and writing eBooks about it? Well, that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway. We’ve not only published it here, but also in the Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle stores. Oh yeah, we’re feeling pretty good right now.

So what’s our Vietnam eBook all about? Read on…

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam?

Saigon To Hanoi eBook Cover

Saigon To Hanoi eBook Cover

Vietnam is a beautiful part of the world and whether you’ve booked your trip, are thinking about going, or just want to find out a little more about the country, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is a reflection of our three weeks travelling by train from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north on the Reunification Express.

On the way we stopped at Nha Trang for a few days of rest and relaxation on the beach and nearby islands, and Hoi An where we were amazed by the beauty of the town and had a few pieces of clothing tailored and hand made just for us. This Vietnam travel guide PDF is a combination of our story plus worthwhile information to make sure you save money, time and your sanity while preparing for your trip, and as you travel throughout Vietnam.

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What’s inside?

We’ll help you discover:

  • What to see in each of the four cities we visited
  • What to expect when you visit the confronting War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City
  • The best way to travel by train to ensure maximum comfort
  • How to get clothes tailored perfectly for you in Hoi An
  • How to give yourself the best chance of not getting sick eating the incredibly delicious street food
  • What you need to know to be able to cross the road without getting bowled over (seriously)
  • How to be prepared for the reaction of the locals to your kids
  • And how to avoid being scammed!

Why buy our eBook?

A lot of the information you can find in our Vietnam travel guide is readily available here on our website, you just have to go searching for it. However, there is additional information that can’t be found here. So why buy an eBook and not just go searching a bunch of websites for the information you need:

  • You’ll have all of the information you need in one convenient location
  • You can access this information offline too
  • The information you require is presented beautifully
  • You can send the eBook to someone as a gift (perhaps you know someone going to Vietnam soon)
  • They’re generally cheaper than books
  • You can have them delivered immediately, no going to the store or waiting for them to be delivered in the post
  • It’s environmentally friendly…save paper, save a tree!

These are just some of the reasons why you should buy our Vietnam travel guide.

Our promise to you – a 100% money back guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied that what we’ve promised on this page is delivered in our Vietnam travel guide, we’ll refund your $4.95 no questions asked within 30 days of purchase. We can’t be any fairer than that right? Just send us an email through our contact form, simple as that!

But we’re confident you’ll get enough golden nuggets of information from our guide that you’ll save that US$4.95 purchase price many times over on your travels! So now you’ve got no risk in buying the eBook.

Buy our Vietnam travel guide for US$4.95 by clicking this BUY NOW button

Or you can download from the iTunes bookstore for AU$5.99 by clicking this Download on iTunes button…

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So there you have it, not only have we published our first eBook, but we’ve also set up the Travelling Apples Affiliate Program. Soon we’ll be raking in so much money from our Vietnam eBook sales we’ll be able to go out for dinner one night to a fancy restaurant!

Keep an eye out for more eBooks coming your way soon, not only of our adventures with plenty of tips and helpful advice to make your holiday even better, but also other eBooks to show you how to get paid to work online from the comfort of your own home, and how to save thousands of dollars a year by housesitting! Until then…

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