Architecture, shopping, local produce…love Bordeaux! [video]

Porte de Bourgonge, the grandest entrance gate to the city of Bordeaux Porte de Bourgonge, the grandest entrance gate to the city of Bordeaux

We loved Bordeaux. We stayed for a couple of days but wished we’d stayed longer. It is a classy city with magnificent architecture, beautiful stores and cafes, and a lovely riverside walk with activities for people of all ages. There’s plenty of great shopping along the pedestrianised areas of the Old Town, particularly along Rue Sainte-Catherine, and for a break from walking around the city all day, there are charming squares of all sizes located in every nook and cranny where you can rest your feet and have a bite to eat.

The city is small enough to walk around and see most of the various cultural attractions, such as Saint-Andre Cathedral and the Grand Theatre, while for those who might need some transport assistance, there’s a modern, state of the art tram system that should get you to where you need to go.

Overall, it’s difficult to go wrong in Bordeaux, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the city with every twist and turn through the narrow alleyways and wide open pedestrianised streets. Once you’ve had your fix of the city centre, you can take various day trips to small villages and vineyards not far away to sample the local wines, cheeses and other gorgeous produce.

Here’s a short of video of our day wandering around Bordeaux, enjoy…

MUSIC: ‘Once Tomorrow’ by Josh Woodward

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