Lucerne in less than 60 seconds, enjoy… [video]

Flowers that adorn the exterior of the Chapel Bridge Flowers that adorn the exterior of the Chapel Bridge

Lucerne is a lovely city, at least the area around the lake is anyway. Beautiful and colourful buildings, picturesque old wooden bridges, loads of locals and tourists alike by the lake enjoying the sun, it’s hard to go wrong.

If only it wasn’t so expensive!!! If the cost of spending time in Switzerland was similar to most other European countries, it would almost be the perfect place to go. Whether in cities like Lucerne, hiking through spectacular countryside, or seeking adventures in the Swiss Alps, you will be blown away by how spectacular the scenery is. It truly is that impressive!

Hofkirche (Collegiate Church), Lucerne

Hofkirche (Collegiate Church), Lucerne

Unfortunately unless you’ve saved up plenty of pennies, are wealthy, or live there earning Swiss Francs, you may only get to spend a few days in the country before you’ve got to go somewhere and give your wallet a breather.

Here’s a very short video of our stay in Lucerne, enjoy…

MUSIC: “Favorite Secrets” by Waylon Thornton

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