A wonderful few days exploring magnificent Prague [video]

Male Namesti, Prague

When you find yourself in a city or town that is so beautiful, it’s difficult for an amateur writer, like me, to put into words just how magnificent it is. I guess that’s where images and video comes into play. Prague is one such city, with one marvellous sight after another around every corner.

You can get your map out and make your way from one famous landmark to the next, but the truth is all of the buildings in between would be significant attractions in their own right in any other city. As such you can just put the map away and marvel at everything you see around you, taking in as much as you can.

Some of the buildings on the way to Prague CastleOf course there’ll be times when you’ll need to get the map out to make sure you’re heading in the right direction, because there are some places you just do not want to miss. The Charles Bridge, although incredibly crowded, is a stunning example of gothic architecture; Prague Castle is fascinating with the impressive St Vitus Cathedral dominating the skyline; and the Old Town Square is considered by many to be the most beautiful in Europe.

But there’s so many other places to see and experience that these are merely the most famous attractions in a city full of highlights. So, with my words failing me, click play on the video below and take a look at why Prague is one of the most magnificent cities in the world…

MUSIC: “She’s in Mind” by The Nighttime Adventure Society

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