Beautiful beaches, open spaces, spectacular buildings…Abu Dhabi [video]

Part of the Abu Dhabi skyline by The Corniche Part of the Abu Dhabi skyline by The Corniche

Our time in Abu Dhabi was a little inhibited due to the oppressive summer heat and a lack of transportation. Abu Dhabi is not a place you can walk from place to place, even in the winter when the day time temperates are comfortable. The roads are so big and there’s so much space that everything is really spread out.

However, we did get out and about and see what Abu Dhabi has to offer. What we found was some real beauty, far more than we found in Dubai. There’s the incredibly beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque that is the equal of any building on Earth, Emirates Palace is opulence personified, the public beach on The Corniche has postcard perfect blue water and white sand, and there’s some amazing buildings like those at Emirates Towers that need to be seen to be believed.

The waterside walk outside the Galleria Shopping Centre

The waterside walk outside the Galleria Shopping Centre

Sarah and I both liked Abu Dhabi much more than Dubai. It’s far more family friendly, has a lot more greenery, and because the roads are built on a grid system it’s far easier to get around. Dubai, with it’s monstrous spaghetti intersections is a nightmare at times to navigate, so the relative ease with which to get around Abu Dhabi is a relief.

However, despite it’s obvious pluses, we decided the UAE wasn’t for us. So we’ve organised a couple of house sitting gigs in the south of France for the next few months and we’re delighted with the decision. But take a look at the video below, and if you think Abu Dhabi is right for you, I strongly suggest you take the plunge and give it a go…

MUSIC: “Boatsbutnottheocean” by I Am Not Lefthanded

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