Paris, Prague, Fujairah…pick the odd one out! [video]

Some of the landscape on the way back to Abu Dhabi Some of the landscape on the way back to Abu Dhabi

It’s fair to say Fujairah, on the UAE’s north-east coast, won’t be duking it out with Paris or Prague for the title of world’s most beautiful city any time soon. It’s ugly, lacks any character, and is bereft of almost any appealing features.

The city is, obviously, built on a foundation of sand and rock. However, there hasn’t been any attempt to beautify the city with any sort of greenery. Instead, everywhere you go you’re walking across harsh and unsightly ground, so you just don’t get out of your car and walk at all.

However, there are three very good reasons why you should have Fujairah on your itinerary if travelling through the UAE:

1. It does great resorts. I’m still wondering why there are so many in Fujairah, but there are some great accommodation options if you fancy relaxing for a few days by the side of a pool or in the ocean. This is pretty much what we did after spending the previous couple of weeks in the modern cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The rocky Hajar Mountains and highway, UAE

The rocky Hajar Mountains and highway, UAE

2. The drive to and from Fujairah is spectacular. It’s not pretty, but it’s like nothing we’d ever seen before. A mix of rolling sand dunes, moon-like rocky mountain ranges and eerie towns featuring hundreds of half built, possibly abandoned mansions.

3. It’s a great base to explore outside of Fujairah. You can 4WD into the desert to several wadi’s in the area, dry river beds that flow after heavy rains or a valley oasis. Or head to several hot spring sites to rest your weary, achy bones. Or go suba diving or snorkelling off the coast at some of the best spots in the country. There are some great adventures to be had from Fujairah.

Check out our video below to see Fujairah in all its glory. It doesn’t go for very long, but you’ll get a taste of what the town and surrounding landscape is like…

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