Dubai has plenty to do, but lacks a soul [video]

Park Towers, Dubai Park Towers, Dubai

If you’ve got money to spend and time on your hands, you could have the best time in Dubai. Whether you’re an adult, teenager or child, there is something different for you to do every day of the week. In fact, despite being located in the middle of a desert, you can go skiing for the day…in a shopping mall no less!

If you want to live in luxury the options are endless. You can stay in the world’s only ‘7-star’ hotel, the Burj Al Arab; live next door to Robert De Niro or David Beckman on the Palm Jumeirah; buy an apartment in the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa; or at Dubai Marina overlooking hundreds of millions of dollars worth of yachts.

Dubai Marina

The problem is there’s no street life, particularly in the summer. It’s too hot with every day over 40 degrees at a minimum, and no one wants to be outside for too long in that kind of heat. In fact, one time the mercury hit 51 degrees which was just unbearable! To get anywhere you need to drive, which is why there’s incredible shopping malls like the Mall Of The Emirates and Dubai Mall. In these two sprawling monstrosities you can go skiing, dive with sharks and other marine life, or go ice-skating. Our friend who we’re staying with here in Abu Dhabi, says standing in the middle of Dubai and looking at the skyline, while impressive, doesn’t have it’s own identity. You could be anywhere as most of the buildings are similar to others you’d find in other cities around the world. Dubai lacks a soul, and is struggling to find its own identity.

The Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall

The Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall

If you’re considering coming here to work, make sure you think about all aspects of UAE life. If you’ve got money to spend you could have a great time. If you’re here to save money, or don’t have any surplus cash, you may find it a tough existence. Either way living in Dubai will leave an indelible mark on you for the rest of your life.

Click the link below to watch a video of our stay in Dubai…

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