Udaipur was everything we were hoping for and more [video]

A local man sells fruit and vegetables on the side of the road A local man sells fruit and vegetables on the side of the road

When we boarded the train in Agra bound for Udaipur, we were hoping it would provide an uplift in our fortunes here in India. Delhi is a massive city that is a contradiction of amazing and beautiful tourist sites mixed with extreme poverty and hardship. Agra is home to one of the world’s most incredible places, the Taj Mahal, with very little else to keep you there apart from perhaps Agra Fort. We were hoping Udaipur would provide us with something different and it didn’t disappoint.

This small lakeside city is the quiet(er) destination we were praying for. It’s winding, narrow streets and less hectic lifestyle was the perfect response to what we’d experienced so far. There were still shopkeeprs, business owners and rickshaw drivers asking if you needed anything, but the hard sell wasn’t anywhere near as intense as in Delhi or Agra.

We spent our days walking around the Old Town, visiting some fantastic places such as the City Palace, and generally soaked in the charm and character of this brilliant little city.

Click the link below to watch a video of our stay in Udaipur…

MUSIC: “What you gonna do?” by Nicky Cook

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