Chiang Mai, our new home away from home [video]

Even the Chiang Mai Gate food market on a rainy night is charming Even the Chiang Mai Gate food market on a rainy night is charming

Our time in Chiang Mai is coming to an end, and we’ll miss it terribly. It’s become a place we’d like to spend even more time than the two months we’ve already spent here, but alas our visa is running out and it’s time to explore somewhere new.

There’s a reason why so many nomadic travellers come and spend considerable time here. It’s Old Town is charming with it’s narrow streets and boutique cafes and restaurants. The people are incredibly friendly while it’s very cheap to live here. And it’s not just the nomads who are spending lots of time here. Expats are flocking here in droves after retirement, with the dollar stretching a lot further than in Australia, America, England, Europe, and pretty much everywhere else in the world. Who knows, when we retire this may be where we end up.

In this video we’ve tried to capture what Chiang Mai is all about…the Old Town, markets, temples, serenity, history and modern developments. I hope you enjoy…

MUSIC: “Charming” by Derek Clegg

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  1. Hi Sarah and Chris, loving following your adventures and this video, thanks for sharing, all the best on the next leg, where are you off to next? Shelley x

    • Hi Shelley, glad to hear you’re following our journey. We’re having a great time thanks. We’re off to India next for a fortnight then Abu Dhabi to try and get work for a while and save some cash. Don’t suppose you have any contacts in the UAE?

  2. We should be there in a couple of months. Love the video, thanks for making it! Where you going next?

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