Discovering Chiang Mai Street Art

Chiang Mai Street Art

There is so much going on in cities like Chiang Mai that sometimes it takes a little bit of hard looking to see some of the beautiful and surprising details that really adds to the city fabric.  When we first arrived here, I caught a glimpse of some graffiti down a little lane way and was hopeful I was going to see more around the place. Discovering Chiang Mai street art turned out to be one of the highlights of our stay.

Street art is very ‘in’ right now with not only artists becoming recognised, but also destinations worldwide. Bored Panda recently created an impressive list of 20 Best Cities to see street art you should check out.  I am pleased to see Melbourne, our home town, on the list!

Could Chiang Mai be one of next destinations to be recognised for it’s street art?

Chiang Mai Street Art

I kept my eye out as I rode my pushbike throughout the streets and to my surprise and delight, I kept coming across more and more street art down lanes, on the side of buildings, on construction sites and even on shop roller doors.  Here are a few shots of some work I have seen on my travels around the city so far.




Whoever this Mauy Cola guy is, I think his work is amazing.  Pity I can’t take one of these home as a souvenir! DSC03531



Chiang Mai Street Art




Chiang Mai Street Art

Chiang Mai Street Art




Chiang Mai Street Art

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  1. I live in Chiang Mai. I love your street art blog. What a beautiful city it is.

  2. Great shots! Chiang Mai is great for street art! There’s a whole treasure trove around the back of Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall – head down into the scooter car park and around to the right. Happy hunting!

    • Thanks for your comment Jenny. It was certainly a surprise to see such great street art as we hadn’t heard much about it before arriving. We loved riding our bikes around to find lots of hidden art works and as you have pointed out, we only scratched the surface!

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