Bangkok, so much to do, so little time [video]

Victory Monument Victory Monument

We didn’t spend nearly enough time in Bangkok. Four days isn’t anywhere near long enough to see the sights and experience all the city has to offer. Of course the Red and Yellow Shirt protestors weren’t helping our efforts to get around, and the military coup that took place while we were there didn’t help either. But it would have been great to stay longer.

We got to see quite a bit of the city by tuk tuk, water taxi and SkyRail, and we sampled plenty of the food, both on the street and in great restaurants. But this is definitely one place we could see ourselves sticking around for quite a while. Who knows, maybe we’ll be back one day for a much longer stay?

Bangkok is on one hand an ancient South-East Asian city with so many Wats and temples to visit, you could literally spend all of your time visiting these amazing sites. But on the other hand it’s a modern city with state of the art shopping malls, and any other conveniences you could find in most western cities.

That’s Bangkok’s contradiction, it’s trying to be a western city in South-East Asia. But that’s also what makes it appealing, you can have the best of both worlds right on your doorstep. Here’s hoping Bangkok retains it’s ancient charms as it continues to evolve into a modern city, it would be a shame to lose that character.

Click play to watch a video of our stay in Bangkok…

MUSIC: “45 Revolutions” by Mors Ontologica

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