Review: The Royal Mekong Boutique Hotel, Phnom Penh

The Royal mekong

Our initial impressions of the Royal Mekong Boutique Hotel were great.  Nice tropical garden with fish ponds in the front entrance, a contemporary foyer and an open, spacious dining area.  The polished concrete, rendered walls and lovely paving all added to the positive modern vibe.  The hotel is located quite near to the Royal Palace and only a short walk to the main centre of Phnom Penh.  If you are after a hotel just outside of the action then this location would be suitable.

Royal Mekong Hotel Entrance

Royal Mekong Hotel Entrance

Our room on the first floor was a good size, although had 2 king singles or tiny double beds and no space for Jack’s pop up cot unless you shuffled the furniture around (which we did).  The separate beds did give Chris and I the opportunity to have a break from each other! The polished concrete floors, cast concrete bench tops and rendered feature walls continued into the rooms.  But it was the decor, doors not closing probably, terrible wifi reception and tiny safe that let it down. There was also a strong urine odour in the bathroom which was extremely unpleasant.  The shower is large enough to house a family, but poor drainage meant you might flood the bathroom in the process!

The staff although trying to be helpful, don’t speak much English which made it difficult to ask for anything.  Even to the point of not being able to show us where the hotel was on the map! Laundry is a little slow and expensive at $US3 a Kg. Much cheaper at other hotels and at laundry’s on the street.

The rooms were not that clean on arrival (disguised quite well by the concrete) and there are ants everywhere!  You will need to request daily for your room to be made up and for complimentary tea and coffee to be topped up if you use it.  If you forget, it doesn’t get done. There are no lifts here, so if you have kids request a room on the first floor. At least it is only one flight of stairs up!

The breakfast which is cooked upon order is pretty good and is relatively quick.  All meals come with a fresh fruit plate, but the toast is stale and cold (something we have found at a lot of places in South East Asia). Try the pancakes with Jam topped with banana – pretty good for a treat!


#17, Street 208, Sankat Beoung Reang, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

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