Melbourne – from the city to St Kilda and back [video]

Street art in Hosier and Rutledge Lanes, Melbourne Melbourne is famous for its street art in Hosier and Rutledge Lanes

Melbourne is my home town and St Kilda is my home suburb, and before my wife, two-year-old son and I started our nomadic adventure with no end date in sight in April 2014, I wanted to showcase our city. I simply used short grabs and basic music underneath, leaving the rest up to you to decide whether you like the place or not, with nothing else clouding your judgement. Enjoy…and feel free to leave a comment below…

Music: On the Road by The Bowmans (

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  1. You picked-up the typical places and it gives the atmosphere of your city. I have already been there. I still remember !

    • Thanks Nicolas, it’s amazing how more you long for home the longer you’re away. I don’t plan on getting back there any time soon, but I can’t wait until I do if that makes any sense!

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