Day 1 – In Transit from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City

After an emotional afternoon of farewells on the eve of our trip we finally set off on our adventure, with the first leg in transit from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City. To say I had a sleepless night was an understatement. Thoughts of all the things I needed to do in the morning to why we are going crept into my mind keeping me awake. Before I knew it we were in the car on the way to the airport and the reality of our trip was setting in.

Melbourne Airport

Time at the airport went quickly whilst Chris, Jack and I made last minute phone calls to our loved ones before we boarded the plane. It may have been my imagination but I am sure we were met with the stares of ‘please don’t sit next to me’ as we walked down the aisle.

Jack making calls

Lucky for us we were placed next to another family of two kids, but sorry for the four single male passengers surrounding us. And then the 7 hour trip began and all I can say is thank goodness for the iPad and the bassinet (even if Jack’s little feet were hanging out the end).

The Activity Pack came in handy, but it was the iPad, headphones and stickers that were clear favourites. A snack pack of cookies, energy balls, zucchini slice and veggie sticks were also a saviour even if they took up a large amount of space in the carry on luggage. Word of advice though, test your recipes before your trip!

Jack in bassinett

The flight went relatively quickly, but it was at Singapore airport for our stop over, Jack’s over tired silliness set in. The dramatic tantrums were on display, but at least one of the boys were happy as we got there just in time to watch the Storm game.

Not much could keep Jack occupied on the second leg of our trip. So unfortunately our neighbours had to endure his unpleasantness for an hour or so of our flight before he crashed out into a deep sleep on Chris.

At 9pm we arrived at Ho Chi Minh airport and our sights were firmly set on getting to our hotel room and our little man to bed. After short wait for Visa’s and a $135US lighter we jumped in a cab straight for our hotel, the May Flower Saigon. We realised, although you felt we packed reasonably  light, we had too much luggage.  Time for a cull!
When greeted at the hotel, we were asked whether we booked at the May Flower (the more grand entrance) or the May Flower 2.  Judging by our budget, I was guessing the more conservative entrance was us! The room is a little on the small side and has no windows, but air con, a very comfortable bed and a well 
pressurised shower, so pretty good for $27 AUD a night!

Chris and I were pretty ready wind down and crash, but Jack on the other hand had just received his second wind and was high on life. We were in store for another restless night!

Day 2 starts with a headache, bloodshot eyes and extreme tiredness. So this is what it’s like to travel with a toddler!

8 Comments on Day 1 – In Transit from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City

  1. christine // April 15, 2014 at 4:02 pm //

    hooray, your there and still have a sense of humour! Glad to hear Jack is keeping you on your toes, why would you think his time clock would match yours 😉

    enjoy your first few days of orientation and keep sending the photos and updates xx

  2. Nigel Doodt // April 15, 2014 at 4:18 pm //

    Great to read you all made it to HCMC in one piece Chris. Happy (and safe) travels.

  3. It’s great to see that your little boy is enjoying the trip :).

  4. So not a fan of plane trips with toddlers… at least last trip the time zone in Hawaii were more in our favour. Next trip – KL won’t be.

  5. At least the tantrums and frustrations are completely age appropriate and to be expected. Those single guys will have to carry their own children on a plane one day! Sounds like you did quite well!

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