Jack’s Aeroplane Activity Pack…our lifesaver!

Jack's Aeroplane toy pack Jack's Aeroplane toy pack

When we tell people we are off travelling with our almost 2 year old son, most think we are brave. One of the first questions they ask is ‘has Jack travelled on a plane before?’ as if to say travelling with a toddler on a long haul flight is horrendous. The furthest Jack has flown is to Hobart, which is only about 1hr and 20mins. So in fear of the unknown, I want to pull out all the stops for the sake of our fellow passengers and us.

After reading a few blogs and receiving some tips from others, I have prepared a little activity bag for Jack with items that may amuse him for at least 5 minutes! Here’s what’s in Jack’s Activity Pack.

Aeroplane Activity Pack

  1. We love our Skip Hop back pack and it’s now just the perfect size for Jack to carry.
  2. Now is not the time to worry about kids and devices! These headphones will come in handy so our fellow passengers don’t have to listen to In the Night Garden and Bananas in Pyjamas!
  3. Who doesn’t love squishy dinosaurs? Small and cheap to purchase.
  4. Little box books are the perfect travelling size and are not only great reads, but the act of putting the books back in the box seems just as entertaining.  Jack’s favourite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  5. Jack loves stickers, so a Spot The Dog sticker book and extra stickers will hopefully amuse him for some time.  We may end up with stickers all over our face, but anything to keep him occupied and quiet!
  6. Jack is obsessed with telephones and this one which I picked up at a market for $2 is great.
  7. A torch will probably come in handy both on the road and as a distraction. Nothing like pointing a torch in someones face to annoy them!
  8. What boy doesn’t love a matchbox car? Along with those, I laminated some printable mini road maps from The DIY Mummy. The perfect size for the plane tray table.

A tip I was given was to individually wrap this toys up and bring them out throughout the flight.  The novelty of unwrapping a present combined with something new to play with, should amuse him for a period of time we hope!  Also, don’t spend up big when it comes to your activity pack.  You can alway find little trinkets at $2 shops, second hand stores or markets and book shops which won’t cost you a fortune. Remember, keep it small and they only need to last the travel time!

P.S – If you click on any of the links and purchase from Amazon, we make a little commission that helps keep us on the road and this blog up and running 🙂

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