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Flinders Street Station with one of Melbourne's famous trams in the foreground Flinders Street Station with one of Melbourne's famous trams in the foreground

Before heading away on our nomadic adventure, I decided to get in some traveller practice in my home town of Melbourne. So I went and did an ‘I’m Free Walking Tour‘ of Melbourne, and a hop-on hop-off double decker bus tour as well. One was awesome, and one, it hurts me to say, was very ordinary. Can you guess which was which?

The ‘I’m Free Walking Tour‘ was simply outstanding. A three-hour walk around the city with a fantastic guide was a great way to spend the morning. Matt, the guide, was both funny and informative, and I can’t recommend this tour more highly. The great part? How much you pay at the end is totally up to you. It’s a tip for the guide rather than a fee for the company.

On the other hand the bus tour was uninspiring to say the least. Melbourne is a city that needs to be experienced by getting in amongst it’s nooks and crannies, not viewed from the top of a bus as you drive past one tourist attraction after another. And the pre-recorded commentary was appalling. It was either a bad joke stereotyping Australians, or a piece of nonsensical information that surely no-one is interested in.

Here’s a photogallery to give you an idea of what you can expect if you make the trip to my home town, Melbourne. Enjoy…

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  1. Great pictures and such a beautiful weather. I can see the weather was just perfect to have a walk and take some snapshot of the city. Love the local parks. Wish I could have a picnic there or do some meditation :-)!

    • Summer is Melbourne is absolutely fantastic. The pics from the walking tour were much better because you could stop and get the right shot. Unfortunately that isn’t possible from the top of a moving bus!

  2. Melbourne is so charming! I remember loitering around Flinders Train Station. The area is so vibrant and colorful.

    • Hi Renuka, Flinders Street Station is such a great building, and there’s plans to make the Northbank just as alive and vibrant as Southbank which will be fantastic!

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