Travel vaccinations, a necessary evil…and bloody expensive!

Travel Vaccinations - a necessary evil Travel Vaccinations - a necessary evil

Gee I hate needles. I know that’s a dumb thing to say, I doubt there’s many people out there who like it. But I really do hate it. However I know of one person who hates them more than me…Jack. But given the adventure we’re about to embark on, and the countries we’ll be visiting, and the area of those countries we might be going to, getting fully vaccinated is a necessary evil.

It’s not cheap, or quick. We went to Travel Clinics Australia on three separate occasions to get all of our shots, and it cost over $2,000. However, thanks to Medicare and our private health insurer we managed to get back bout half of our money, so that’s not so bad.

Sarah and I had 4-5 jabs each on all three visits, while Jack had 2-3 jabs. While Jack was a bit teary initially, the lollipop at the end soon had a smile back on his face!

I put travel vaccinations in the same category as travel insurance, you’d be crazy not to have it. Yes it’s an added expense that you’d rather not have to pay, but imagine contracting malaria or rabies, or worse still, yellow fever. And with a two-year old boy coming along for the ride, we’re not taking any chances with his health.

Travel Clinics Australia provide a complete range of travel health services to individuals, families, corporate groups and organisations. Their goal is to protect the health of travellers by providing exemplary clinical care along with specific advice and information for each traveller.

Travel Clinics Australia services include

  • Expert pre- and post-travel advice that is tailored specifically to your trip and travel requirements.
  • Every traveller receives a free copy of their Traveller’s Pocket Medical Guide (see information below).
  • Disease prevention advice and information sheets for each major country visited.
  • Specialised first aid kits and accessories for medical and emergency care; not available from pharmacies.
  • Vaccinations and medications are stocked and dispensed on site, saving time and money.
  • Occupational medicine.
  • Corporate and executive health.

The Traveller’s Pocket Medical Guide and International Certificate of Vaccination is Australia’s only travel health guide to include an International Certificate of Vaccination recognised by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

This two-in-one passport-sized booklet records all your vaccination details, including yellow fever, as well as offer comprehensive, travel health advice in a compact 52 pages.

The booklet has detailed, practical advice applicable to most trips, from preventing and treating gastroenteritis, to the effects of disease and vaccines. There is a special section to record all your medical history and vaccinations, including a yellow fever certificate and medications.

The Traveller’s Pocket Medical Guide and Vaccination Certificate is free with the first travel consultation at any Travel Clinics Australia clinic. It is also a useful reference for health and travel professionals.

Before you travel it is important to be well prepared, so start thinking about your vaccinations well in advance. Some vaccinations require a course over weeks or months so you must contact your nearest travel clinic at least eight weeks before departure. Travellers overseas have up to a 50% chance of suffering travel-related illness, so reduce your risk of illness with a medical checkup and personalised advice to best protect your health. Vaccinations may be considered necessary for protection against diseases you may encounter, for routine health measures or as legal requirements for entry into some countries.

Here’s a few links that will help you to be well informed before you leave and while you’re n the road.

  • Click HERE to find vaccine information country by country.
  • If you’re in Australia, click HERE to find your nearest Travel Clinic Australia centre.
  • Click HERE to find various travel health fact sheets that may help you with your travel planning.

Other travel health websites

  • Smartraveller (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs) – Access this site for government warnings and consulate addresses.
  • CDC – The Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. The home travel information page has country-specific information and regular updates.
  • WHO – The World Health Organisation in Geneva. Disease outbreaks are reported regularly. Also contains the International Travel and Health advice booklet.
  • ISTM – The International Society of Travel Medicine.
  • Shoreland Travel Health – An easy to use site with regularly updated country specific information.
  • Travelbug  (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service – AQIS) – Plan your travel. Watch what you bring back. Quarantine Matters!
  • Better Health Channel – The Better Health Channel website has up to date information on a range of travel related topics: from jet lag, holiday stress and vaccinations through to motion sickness, travelling with asthma and deep vein thrombosis.’
  • WORLDWISE – Travellers Health and Vaccination Centres of New Zealand, is a subscription travellers health information service provided to Travel Health Professionals, and allied organisations wishing to offer specific information on health-related issues to intending travellers.

Do you have any horror travel sickness stories to tell? Did you regret not having vaccinations before leaving? Tell us your stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Didn’t have em, didn’t regret it. Meant to but never got around to it! We were mainly travelling in big cities though so weren’t worried, and were mostly in Europe and North America with less than 2 months in SE Asia.

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