Cameras – which one did we choose and why?

Our new camera - the Sony Alpha NEX-6 Our new camera - the Sony Alpha NEX-6

Recording our nomadic lifestyle and experiences through photos and videos is a top priority for us.  Having the iPhone at arms reach where ever we are, it is easy to happily snap away capturing moments.  But let’s face it, although convenient, the camera is not that amazing when it comes to quality or functions.

So we needed a good camera for travel to capture our adventure, whilst not breaking the budget. I wanted a DSLR, Chris wanted a compact – our first showdown.

And then we discovered we can have the features we both want, in the one camera with the Sony NEX-6.  Pocket sized and with the features of a DSLR, this was a clear winner that stood out above it’s competitors on the market, it also helped having a deal from Ted’s Camera Store that included a macro and zoom lens in the package. Here is a few of the reasons we are taking the Sony NEX-6 on the road with us.

Firstly, it’s size.  The Sony NEX-6 is the size of a compact (tick for Chris) whilst having the solid and sturdiness of a DSLR (tick for me).

The camera features a large LCD viewing screen (tick for Chris) and also a viewfinder for those more comfortable with the traditional shooting of an SLR (tick for me).

It has an easy to use and conveniently placed mode dial which allows you to switch quickly whilst shooting through the PASM modes (tick for me). This includes a Superior Auto function, which chooses the best settings for the environment you are shooting in and a Sweep Panorama mode for panoramic size images (two ticks).

And wow does it have the ability to shoot fast! The shooting continuously feature is one we have been using a lot especially due to the speed a toddler moves and the first time parent needs to capture every moment.  If shooting 5-6 images per second is not fast enough for you, then turn it onto Speed Priority Continuously and you will be able to snap up to 10 images per second (two ticks).

The image quality is excellent for such a small, easy to use camera.  The Sony NEX-6 is an 18mega pixel camera and can shoot in RAW (tick for me), jpeg and jpeg fine.  With mount interchangeable lens’ that are sharp and inexpensive (tick for Chris), the camera offers more flexibility than an ordinary compact.

Other features include clear video functions, wifi connectability, self-timer, picture effects and background defocusing.  All of which I am sure will come in handy on our trip.  Now to get used to my new gadget before we set off.

What camera do you use on your travels? Something big, something small, iPhone? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

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  1. I had a similar dilema, although fortunately my wife doesn’t care so it’s just an internal showdown. I ended up going with the Nikon Coolpix S9900 because it was compact, had good GPS, wifi and the pano feature. It’s been ok, but I kind of wish I would have went a bit more high end like you did… although I think at this point the first place to start would be my own photography skills!
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