Excitement, trepidation…oh my! Reality hits as planning starts


The lure of travel has always been tempting especially when you find yourself living the day to day grind.

We are busy people. Working full time for others, building a business from scratch, running after our gorgeous boy Jack, oh and I am also studying nutrition part time. So life has always been full with every minute of every day maxed out.

But adventure calls and the calls seem to be getting louder and louder. The excitement of living day to day with the bare essentials, seeing the world and meeting new people. Experiencing new foods, cultures and opening Jack’s eyes to something wonderful is drawing us in.

Day dreaming over and reality sets in. How is Jack going to cope, how will we survive financially, what are we going to do with our beloved dog Five AND how will I live without my Thermomix (third world problem, I know)?

And so the journey begins….

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  1. We are going home...was it all worth it?

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